How To Arrange Computer Desks in the Modern Office

While the idea of setting up an office space seems as simple as lining up a few desks and chairs, there's actually a lot more to it. To properly arrange computer desks in the modern office, one has to put some thought into the design and the function of the desk. Doing so will help promote focused work and healthier staff members. Here's how:

Step 1

Create individual spaces. Even though it's important for your staff members to work as a team, it is still crucial that each employee has his or her own separate work space. Cubicles are the common solution to creating individual office work spaces in the modern office. Often, in smaller office spaces, there isn't an office available for every employee, so computer desks need to be grouped together to maximize the use of space. It can look crowded, but you can use things to separate each desk area. Bookshelves, folding dividers and suspended pictures will all help to give each computer desk area its own little nook.

Step 2

Place desks near sources of light. It's incredible how much some light can change the feel of the modern office space. By arranging computer desks around windows, staff will be treated to sunshine and natural light. This subconsciously improves mood and productivity. Keep your staffers out of the dark by arranging computer desks near as many different sources of light (artificial and natural) as possible.

Step 3

Adjustable is better. Modern computer desks average about 30 inches in height, but the best ones are adjustable. Since every staff member has a different body build, it makes sense to purchase office furniture that can be personally fitted to each staff member. Lower or raise the work area of each staff member when you are arranging desks and work spaces in your office.

Step 4

Everything should be within reach. As you arrange computer desks in your modern office, remember that efficiency is important. Have everything that an employee may need within reach from his or her computer desk. Each computer work area should have ample storage so that employees will rarely have to leave their computer desks to find things. This will save time and company money by improving productivity.

Step 5

Consider the health of your employees. As well, it's important to consider ergonomics when arranging computers desks in the modern office space. Consider how the employee's body will be positioned as he or she sits as a computer desk. A great office chair with adjustable features is absolutely necessary in the modern office to help reduce back pain and permanent damage. Feet should sit flat on the floor, the chair should provide support and be situated as close to the keyboard as possible (to reduce strain on the wrists). As well, the monitor should be tilted at a 15˚ angle to keep the head in a comfortable position. So it will be necessary to raise or lower the monitor, depending on the height of the employee.

All of these considerations need to go into arranging computer desks in your modern office space. But putting some time and effort into the right placement of your office furniture can only have positive outcomes for you and your business.


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