How To Attract Potential Customers to Your Exhibition Stand

It can be pretty challenging to attract people to your exhibition stand. This is because you usually have your competitors side by side with you. Making the best impression at an exhibition show can be a challenge, but it is very attainable. It can help you promote your business and secure new customers.  You can't go wrong with a few marketing classes under your belt - you can find what you need at many online business schools. 

Here are some tips on how to attract potential customers to your exhibition stand:

  1. Make your exhibition stand pop out of the crowd. Because there are so many competitors, it is easy for customers to pass by and not notice ordinary exhibition stands. You can up your chances of customers noticing your stand. You can rely most on visuals to help you attract customers. Visual displays are what the customers first notice when they walk by. Try putting up banners or tarpaulins in your space. Sometimes, it can be appropriate for some exhibition stands to hire models. If you want, you can simply design your booth in such a way that is not too simple, yet not too tacky. Getting the right balance is key to getting potential customers to take notice. You can also include a little bit of music to set the mood for your exhibition stand. There are many ways to make your stand pop out of the crowd.
  2. The fact is, potential customers love freebies, special offers and promos. Offer discounts on your products. Try having a contest with sure freebies. Another good idea would be to include free gift items with every purchase of a certain product. This makes the customers feel like they’re getting a great bargain. Your freebies don’t even have to be expensive. Free pens and papers with your company logo or business name are the best to give away. They serve as freebies, and at the same time, they advertise your business. Buy-one-take-one offers are also a great to attract potential customers. Just remember to inform the crowd that you have all these special offers and freebies in your exhibition stand. Put up big signs, and, if possible, try having your offers announced.
  3. Do a little public relations. Try circulating and checking out the competition. You can try to join your exhibition stands together to create a bigger one. The benefit of this is that you will have a wider market range. This means more potential customers. Also, try to draw in customers by talking to them when they look at your products. Remember that people don’t want to go to an unfriendly business. If you are friendly and talk one on one with the customers, you have the opportunity of gaining a lot of loyal clients.

Exhibition stands are hard work, especially because there is competition all around you. Drawing in potential customers is even harder, because they have so many exhibition stands from which to choose. Try to make your stand a little more interesting so you can catch the attention of people walking by. Have a little contest and give out freebies. Most of all, never forget to take care of the customers. If you need help defining your brand or coming up with great marketing ideas, consider registering for an online business marketing program well before your exhibition.

Follow these tips and your exhibition stand will be pulling in potential customers in no time.


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