How To Avoid Discrimination When Hiring

As a boss of a potential new employee, it's almost certain that you will have good intentions when going through the hiring process. However, everyone, no matter your gender, race, age, or religion has preconceived notions about certain things. We all as human beings prejudge. In the business world, this is unacceptable and employers should act as if completely unbiased. For this reason, it's very important to avoid discrimination when hiring a new employee. In order to be sure that you're doing this, you should consider the tips in this article.

Before seeking a new employee, get up to speed on federal and state laws regarding discrimination. This will help you to ensure that you're abiding by the laws when going through the hiring process.

When you're considering a new employee, make a detailed list of the qualifications needed for the position. When you look at applications and resumes of individuals applying for this position, consult your list of requirements to see if the applicant meets all of them. Also, to better ensure that you're being fair, cover up the name of each applicant while initially making the decision as to whether the person should have an interview or not. Names can lead to preconceived notions about an individual. For instance, if you envision a man for the position, you may look at "Susan's" resume with a negative attitude to begin with. If there was a bully in your elementary school named "Ned" and he picked on you all the time, an applicant with the same name may have a lesser chance at an interview. You won't mean to prejudge, but sometimes it's a human response.

When interviewing applicants for the position, have at least two other people (besides you) interview them. Make sure that your small group of interviewers is a diverse group of people. You want to have a good range in age, have both genders represented, and have different racial groups represented if possible. Get the other interviewers' honest opinions about the individual and that person's qualifications.

Make sure that you and the other interviewers focus on the answers to the questions rather than the overall appearance of each applicant. It's a great idea to have each interviewer ask questions of each applicant and write down the responses. It's helpful if the interviewers get together ahead of time and make sure that their questions are different. Also, it's a good idea to make sure that you're asking the same basic questions of each applicant. Their responses may trigger other questions, but the original questions should be the same for each applicant. This will help to ensure fairness during the interviewing process.


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