How To Avoid Legal Problems

In as much as this may sound specific, legal problems can arise from any and all of our actions on a daily basis. In most societies of the world, the determination of what action is legal or illegal is done by the application of law, local customs, practices and more. Most often, a proper, socially acceptable way of living is instilled in every human being, right from birth. This is done by family and the community, thereby teaching us to live the ‘right' way. In spite of this, there are times when one could get into legal problems. Here are some tips to avoid legal problems:

Laws are meant to protect the people in a community, state or nation and most often is the will of the majority. Thus, in a way, it is the people who give themselves the laws that govern them and make it mandatory for all within the territory to observe these laws. While observation of laws is the expected norm, violation of law attracts penalties and punishments.

In most civilized societies, the local practices and applicable laws are evident in the manner of living practiced by the people. If you are new to a community, take some time out to understand their practices as soon as you arrive there. Next, understand laws and regulations that apply to you on a day-to-day basis, such as land and rental laws since you rent/own a house; driving and road laws since you commute between various places; employment laws if you are an employee or an employer hiring services of people; trading laws if you are into business; and laws that relate to your profession, if you are a professional rendering services.

A former employer of mine once said that law is nothing but robust common sense and this has held true in many instances. Of course, there are exceptions where archaic rules continue to apply only because someone forgot to repeal them. So, go by your gut when you are in a new place and are unsure of what are the applicable laws.

The number of laws that apply to you and therefore the possible incidents of legal problems, go up when there is an increase in your responsibilities or actions. For example, more laws become applicable if you were an employer as opposed to being an employee; if you were a trader as opposed to being a consumer, walking into a supermarket to buy goods for personal consumption.  You will notice that your interpersonal actions, responsibilities and transactions of commercial nature are more in the former and hence more laws apply to you.

Therefore, no matter what your role is in society, make sure to look up, understand and diligently observe all laws that are enforced in your area.  Look on the internet, for laws, rules and regulations.

Lastly, whenever necessary, do not hesitate to consult an expert; in this case, an attorney who can guide you well. This small step can save you a lot of expenses, headaches and will help you avoid legal problems.


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