How To Avoid Process Map Mistakes

Process mapping is a tool your business can benefit from. It can help your business become more successful. If you’re having problems with the unity of different departments in your business, then you should definitely make a process map. Process mapping is like making a How To Guide for your employees. This way, they will have a concrete basis and a guide to help them go the direction you want the business go. Unfortunately, some businesses make crucial mistakes about process mapping. If you do a simple mistake in process mapping, your business could go a totally different direction. This could cause your business to fail and go bankrupt.

Here are some tips on how to avoid process map mistakes:

  1. Don’t stress on the intricate details. According to experts, the common mistake in process mapping, even by experienced individuals, is that they include too many details. While a detailed process map does seem impressive, the fact remains that general information provides even more valuable data. General data shows how a department is moving as a whole.
  2. Always document what is real and factual. Most of those working in a company make the mistake of documenting what the bosses want to hear. Some even make the mistake of documenting only the goals and steps the company should take in order to be successful. This can prove to be very disastrous. Firstly, you should only document what is really happening in the office. Negative news should never be hidden from the people in charge. This will help them reassess the situation with the business, and maybe regroup about the plans of the company. Secondly, documenting the plans of the company does not say anything about the current situation in the workplace. This can easily be fixed by giving specific instructions to your manager.
  3. Always think of the customer. The main goal of any business is supposed to be catering to the customers. Most businesses make the mistake of focusing on the company too much and not thinking about the customer at all.
  4. Make your process map very concrete. Although you should be catering to the customer, in a business, there is always a concern for money. This is why you should never forget to include how you will make money in your process map. It shouldn’t be your focus, but you should of course make concrete plans in your map. The steps in your process map should be measurable. This will make it seem more stable. You need to be able to sell the value of your plan. Your plans and data should be provable. You have to integrate all the things you want for your business: financial plans, goals, as well as values. These should be coherent and strong enough to be proven.

Errors in process mapping can lead to disastrous results. It can cause the downfall of your business. However, when used correctly, it can help your business bloom. If you want to master the art of process mapping, follow these simple tips and your mistakes will be minimal.


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