How To Beat a Drug Possession Charge and Win the Case

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Did you know the number of drug arrests for possession reached 1,429,299 in 2018? If you're facing a charge, we can help.

Are you wondering how to beat a drug possession charge?  In this guide, we'll go over what to do to win your case.

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Hire an Attorney Right Away

Take your time researching attorneys in your area. You want someone who specializes in fighting felony drug charges. Make sure you do this right away. Your lawyer will want a lot of time to plan your defense.

Decide on a Defense Strategy

The prosecution will need to prove every point of their case against you, which isn't an easy task. 

You'll have a few different avenues of defense if you face a drug felony charge. Your attorney can argue if the prosecution fails to prove any of the elements.

Your attorney will argue there wasn't reasonable suspicion to search your vehicle. Any evidence found during this illegal search is set aside. If there was a procedural error during your arrest, your case could get thrown out.


Entrapment involves a law enforcement officer pressuring someone to commit a crime. This is a clear abuse of police power.

A person might be guilty of the crime, but they will receive a not guilty verdict. This can happen because law enforcement promoted crime.

Lab Issues

Most of the time, the drug's taken away and sent to a lab. Sometimes, testing equipment can malfunction. The sample could get mislabeled or destroyed. This doesn't happen a lot, but it can occur.

Your attorney could argue there wasn't enough proof the substance is an illegal drug.

Lost Drugs

If the drugs go missing, a prosecutor will run the risk of having their case dismissed. Seized drugs will pass through many hands before arriving in the evidence locker. Sometimes they can get lost in the process during the trial.

If this happens, your case could get dropped.

Prosecution Has a Tricky Position

The prosecution must prove you possessed illegal drugs with intention. Even if someone found an unlawful substance in a car, how can they prove it was you?

If you look through your car right now, you might find some items that surprise you.

If you drive your family or friends around, they could have dropped something behind. A small pack of odorless powder can become hidden and obscured from sight.

If your attorney can argue that the drugs belonged to someone else, your case could get dropped.

You won't get convicted if there is reasonable doubt that you're guilty. Talk with your criminal defense attorney right away so you can begin building your case.

How to Beat a Drug Possession Charge

We hope this article on a drug felony charge was helpful. Don't worry about how to beat a drug possession charge.  

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