How To Become a Buyer in Fashion

If you love fashion, have an eye for detail, know what’s hot in the market, understand economy and demography, then you can become a buyer in fashion. Below are tips on how to become a buyer in fashion.

  • Learn fashion. Some people have a natural taste for beauty, but aesthetics differ from one culture to another. But if you’ll enrol yourself in a fashion school, then you can learn fashion history, theory, and application, which will help you in your career in the fashion world. But you can study fashion by yourself if you are diligent. You can browse magazines, and surf fashion websites to gather information. You can even create your own designs if you’re creative. In the fashion business, the diploma will help but it’s your skills that really matter. Even if you’re an undergraduate, hotshot fashion companies will hire you if you can deliver the goods.
  • Internship is vital if you’re still studying.  Be gutsy. Ask retail stores or fashion companies that you want to become their apprentice. Show them that you have talent, and that you can help their company. You are learning the reality of the fashion world while you’re studying, and it gives you the edge when you graduate.
  • Job application. Send your CV to retail outlets. As much as possible, target large retail stores like Neiman Marcus, Macy’s or Kolh’s. Arrange your portfolio where your probable employer will become impressed by your creative output. Besides bringing your physical craft, you can bring a laptop and make a presentation for your plans for the company. You must impress your employer because the competition is stiff in the fashion market. Research all about the company before you present yourself for the interview. If you have friends in the fashion industry, then make them as reference persons. Networking is important in the fashion industry, so be friendly and always create good vibes so you can be in their circle.
  • Most department stores have seminars and workshops for new hires. You may start as a rank-and-file employee but if you’re diligent, passionate and talented, you’ll easily climb the success ladder.
  • Continuous learning. Fashion continually evolves so you need to do continuous research so you can create and anticipate fashion trends. Communicate with different fashion designers and buyers to gather ideas. Sometimes it’s the fashion buyers who set the trends. Sometimes you need to take risk especially when you see an opportunity regarding fashion trends. That risk can make or break your career, so you need to be tough.
  • Some of the skills that you need to master as a fashion buyer are clothing selection, manufacturing basics, trend prediction, fashion promotions, merchandising, textiles (fabrics and fibers), fashion show production, fashion history and salesmanship.

You can begin your career as a merchandising assistant, and then you’ll move to an assistant buyer position before you can become a fashion buyer. It may take 1-2 years before you can level up your position. After 5-7 years in the business, a fashion buyer can become a divisional merchandise manager who oversees the subordinate fashion buyers. If you really love to enter the fashion business, then dream really big.


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