How To Become a Distributor of Cell Phone Accessories

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If you are planning to open a new business for yourself, being a distributor of cell phone accessories could very well be a profitable venue for you to practice your sales and marketing abilities. When starting any new venture, it's a good idea to make sure you're adequately trained - consider picking up a few business classes before opening your new company.

Nowadays, cellular phones have seemingly become one of the necessities of everyday life. They have become so popular that knowing that one of your friends does not own one leaves you with a scornful look. And with the increasing demand for cell phones, the demands for cell phone accessories have come skyrocketing.

Cell phone accessories not only allow you to make your phone look good, some of them also allow your phone to be secured from unexpected things that could happen like getting damaged when you accidentally drop it or having the print on its keypad completely erased due to constant use.

  1. Getting started. Cell phone accessories play an integral part in making your phone secured and more user-friendly according to your preferred accessories. These accessories would include phone cases, phone covers, phone charger, headsets, memory cards, and cell phone skins. Cell phone chargers usually came along with the cell phone upon your purchase; however, you can purchase them from any authorized cell phone accessory distributors as an accessory. Memory cards usually came along with cell phones but many prefer to buy new ones with expanded storage capacity depending on their needs. Now, if you want your phone to be secured but still get that sleek and stylish appearance, you can opt to buy a phone cover which is usually classified into silicon and leather cases. Having an initial idea of which cell phone accessories are the best sellers is necessary before venturing into the market as a distributor.
  2. Opening your store. The first thing you need in opening a store for your retail business is to find suitable locations for your store. It is highly advisable that the space is located in commercial centers like malls or in areas where people usually go to like recreational areas. After you find the most appropriate space for your store, contact the property owner, ask for additional information about the space, and negotiate with certain issues like the monthly rent. Then, visit stores that offer cheap wholesale transactions for cell phone accessories. This will ensure your profit margins at a positive end. You may opt to visit the nearest wholesale cell phone accessories store in your area or you can just browse through the Internet for authorized wholesaler of these accessories. One of these stores is the Pacific Cellular Supply, you can visit their website at
  3. Keeping your store running. After you are done with the process of locating your market space, signing lease contracts with the property owners, and finding a wholesale distributor of cell phone accessories, do not forget to register your business in your county clerk’s office. If you opt to hire additional employees for your retail business, you have to furnish a copy of Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the clerk’s office. It is highly encouraged that you open a merchant account in your bank using your business registration certificate. Doing so will allow you to accept credit cards and failure to do so, on the other hand, could spell a considerable loss of costumers. When your business is up and running, do not forget to secure your business registration certificate, financial statements, marketing plans, and banking information because you do not want the IRS coming after you and your business.  You can learn the intricacies of local and federal business law by taking some relevant online business courses.


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