How To Become a Makeup Distributor

Becoming a makeup distributor is an easy method of making extra money, while being able to work from home.  Women all around the world have turned to makeup distribution for many reasons.  Most importantly, they can set their own hours.  Secondly, they can work from home, and choose the amount of business they want to take on.  If you feel you cannot handle more clientele than just your close friends and family, then let that be your limit.  However, if you want to turn being a makeup distributor into a full-time job, then you literally set your own limit.

When you first begin looking into how to become a makeup distributor, start with a reputable company that sells reliable products.  These companies may include Avon or Mary Kay, and so on.  Obviously, these companies are leaders in the catalogue cosmetics industry and by offering products from these well-known suppliers, you make your job of selling them much easier.

Learning how to become a makeup distributor is much simpler than it was, say twenty years ago, because of the innovation of the Internet.  Most cosmetic suppliers offer the option of setting up a website, which is something you should definitely take advantage of.

Once you have decided which brand of cosmetics you will sell, and where you will sell them, your next step is to buy product samples to offer new customers.  One of the first things you'll discover when learning how to become a makeup distributor, is that although you will have to pay for product samples, they are worth every cent.  Once customers try a new product, it is likely they may become a loyal user of this product.  Offer samples for everything you sell.  Lotions, perfumes and colognes, makeup, and so on.  Attach your samples to brochures, and when a client makes a purchase from you, include more samples with their purchase.  The more products you can get them to try, the more they will buy.

A sad fact about becoming a makeup distributor is that not all customers will pay.  There are two ways you can handle this.  You can require payment at the time the order is placed, but if a product is backordered, it may present a problem.  Your other option is to require payment upon delivery of the product.  The most important advice you'll receive in learning how to become a makeup distributor, is NEVER leave the order with a customer and return later for payment.


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