How To Become a Non-Profit National Association

If you have a clear mission for a nonprofit organization and you aim to grow as a national association like the Realtors Association, National Mortgage Association, National Council of different industries, Teachers’ Convention Association and the like, consider the following steps.  It is critical to understand nonprofit law and the regulations you must follow to become a nonprofit organization.

A nonprofit organization, as the name suggests, does not exist to earn or make regular profits like other corporations do. It is created with a primary purpose to provide programs or services that cater to the needs of the community or the general public. Nonprofit organizations can be established by the government or the private sector. Non-profit organizations founded by private entities usually focus on the community and environmental issues.

  1. Establish what you intend to achieve by creating a non-profit association. Determine your purpose, your mission, your services, and your beneficiaries. Who shall be able to join your association? How does an individual or group become a member of your organization?
  2. Create a board of directors or board of trustees. This will eventually help you meet requirements for incorporating your association.
  3. Seek a lawyer’s help in filing articles of incorporation. While you can do this procedure yourself, it is recommended to have a lawyer guide you in all the legal issues of non-profit incorporation including application for tax exemption or tax deductibility.
  4. To help start and manage your financial system, seek help from a financial adviser or expert. Obtain assistance pertaining to banking and insurance requirements as well.
  5. Incorporate in the state where you intend to do business. Different states may have different forms and requirements for corporations intending to become a non-profit. Incorporating forms a legal entity where your organization shall be treated as a corporation under the law.
  6. Submit your file-exempt application to the Internal Revenue Service. Comply with both federal and state requirements.
  7. Once all legal requirements have been met arrange for a meeting with the press. The media can of course help you disseminate your advocacy or services to local and national audience.
  8. Launch an official website for your non-profit organization. Publish contents that are highly pertinent to your services. Have your board of directors or members contribute useful articles. Your website is an ideal venue to advertise your existence and causes. Have it regularly updated with significant contents in order to increase your page rankings and traffic.
  9. Accept membership applications online. Once your existence and website have become known on the Internet, your target individuals – the people or groups you wish to join your cause can easily find you. If you have ready packages that are enticing enough for your visitors to sign up, you can grow your organization by having them instantly join you through your site.
  10. Advertisers will come knocking on your door if your website is gaining huge traffic. These advertisers can help you provide perks for your site visitors. They can largely support your campaigns or proposals for national activities such as conventions or conferences.

To help you succeed in establishing your nonprofit national association, get plenty of resources for nonprofits including management and supervision training for members of your organization.  Online business management classes can help you achieve your goals.


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