How To Become a Retail Dealer for Cingular Cell Phone Service

Nowadays, technology has been imbedded in people’s daily lives that they find it hard to go out without one. Laptops, iPods and mobile phones are among the gadgets that have elevated themselves as a basic need of people—students or professionals alike. Consequently, a lot of companies have made technology a profitable business. Cingular wireless or AT&T Wireless is one of those who specialize in fast Internet services, cellular services, and devices.

If you want to have your own business as a Cingular cell phone retail dealer, here are the steps you need to do.

  • Check the requirements. To be accepted into any local dealer program, you must have your own retail store or kiosk where you can sell services and products. In addition, you must have high speed Internet in your store that employs security and fraud controls.
  • Verify dealer needs. Check with Cingular or AT&T if they have dealer requirements or opportunities within your area. AT&T Wireless has an Opportunity Contact List in their website that you can look into. It is an excel file that you can use to filter your location or area where you want to do business in. If there is an available requirement, it will provide you the name, contact number and e-mail address of the sales director in that area. Consequently, you’ll be notified if your area is currently not accepting any local dealers at the moment.
  • Arrange a meeting with the sales director. If there is an opening in your area, contact the provided sales director immediately. Inform him/her of your intent to apply. The sales director may guide you in the process, or direct you to AT&T’s portal where you can sign up.
  • Sign up and register. AT & T provides an online portal where prospective dealers can register. You can find it at Check out the minimum requirements for eligibility. You must prepare the requirements that may be asked of you like your insurance and financial records, and marketing plan to promote AT & T products and services. You must also have a legal and marketable title, federal tax ID and delivery schedules. You should have a good financial track without any negative complaints about your employees and sales service. All of these are required for you to meet AT & T’s selection criteria to be qualified as a retail dealer. Wait for a notification to see if you are accepted. Take note though, that AT & T may also contact you if they need additional information.
  • Attend trainings. If you are accepted into the program, AT & T will provide you tools and training materials necessary to move forward with your dealership. You’ll also be provided access to the company’s sales portal and rights to provide limited customer service and sales. Take note that AT & T Mobility provides their own point of sale (POS) software for all transactions involving AT & T products.

Being part of an established company whose products and services have been proven by a lot of consumers is never a bad thing. It will easily bring you a lot of customers and revenue since they know that you are backed up by an established corporation.


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