How To Benefit from Continuity Clubs

Continuity Clubs can offer tremendous benefits for the wise shopper. They offer good prices, excellent selection-- often in a targeted area of interest-- and convenient shopping without ever leaving the comforts of home.

There are a few basic tips to keep in mind to get the greatest benefit from your continuity club experience:

First, shop around:  find the right club. Do not choose to join a club only because of a few desired items. In many cases, another similar continuity club will offer those items also. With most continuity clubs you become party to a contract whereby you agree to purchase a certain number of items from that club, typically within a given time period such as a year, before you are free to quit. You should be sure you are choosing a club that has a great enough variety to make it easy for you to fulfill your obligation to the club.

The internet is a great place to comparison shop for continuity clubs.  Many continuity clubs will display all of their offered items on a website, something which would be too costly to do in postal mailings. This allows you to see which club offers the greatest benefits to you in your specific area of interest.

Most continuity clubs offer a fabulous sign-up deal, with books or music for as little as ten to twenty-five cents per item. Other types of continuity clubs offer similarly attractive bargains.  Again, shop around to see which club offers the best sign-up benefits, but remember to view their entire selection with an eye toward future purchases to fulfill your contract.

Take advantage of special offers. Some continuity clubs also have monthly special offers. Be sure to check out these offers and take advantage of them if they would benefit you.

Continuity clubs will often have a monthly default selection which will be sent to you if you do not indicate otherwise. Keep a watch for the notices of these automatic mailings.  Make sure you return the card marked “do not want”, or indicate on their website, if you do not wish to purchase the company's monthly selection.  If you should forget and the item is mailed to you, if you do not want it, do not open any part of it including the attached invoice.  If you open it, you will have to pay the return postage to send that item back to the continuity club. This is U.S. Postal Service policy.  Unopened, the company pays the return postage.

Once you have found the perfect continuity club and signed up, sit back and enjoy, month after month, the package deal of bargain prices on new items in your specific area of interest delivered directly to your door.


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