How To Bid on Lawn Work

Lawn work can be quite a competitive ordeal. The need to keep lawns and yards well manicured and in tip top shape is very important to a lot of gated and other communities, and most of them would be more than willing to pay top dollar to make sure that the grass in front of their homes is well kept and a lively green.

The prices have been driven down by competition in the past few years though. More and more people are now willing to do more lawn services for less to adjust for the competitive market that is saturated with low-capital start ups. If you’re being asked to quote a specific patch of garden, yard or lawn, here’s how you should approach the bidding process:

  1. If you’ve had quite a lot of experience dealing with customers; always go back to your records of transactions. The size of the area that has to be cleaned and tended should be determining factor of the price.
  2. Other special requests should also be factored into the price. If the owner wants you to also pick up weeds in flower boxes or trim wayward branches from overgrowth, you can also charge accordingly.
  3. The neighbourhood that the house or establishment is in can also play a role in the pricing. Obviously, houses that are in more secluded and more exclusive communities have to the greater ability to pay for premium services.
  4. You also have to consider the costs that you will be absorbing due to the logistics of the job. Consider the amount of workers that you would need to finish the task as well as the overall amount of supplies and tools that would need to be transported on site. Fuel and transportation can be some of your costs so make sure that you’ll factor that into your price.
  5. Set a price that would be your absolute basement offer. This will have to be above your capital (for fuel, labor costs etc) and set amount for the profit that you wish to make on this sale.
  6. If you think the price is low balling already, it’s probably not worth it. You don’t have to get the sale every single time especially if you’ll be forced to accept an offer at a loss. Just pick up the pieces and go for a better deal next time.

It may be hard to price a fairly subjective service like lawn maintenance but the costs and salaries are very objective and clear cut. Use these things to determine the baseline cost and assess the additional fees with the other variables discussed in this check list. You may also ask your clients how much the competitors are charging. This way, it would be easier to compete with their strategies.


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