How To Boost a Small Business Using Google

E-commerce is growing and becoming more popular these days. Through online advertising and Internet marketing, small businesses gain more advantage from other competing establishments. Google AdWords, which is one of Google’s programs, offers small business advertisers the oppportunity of creating a pay-per-click (PPC) search engine advertising campaign. The PPC scheme allows business owners to control their advertising budget efficiently. If you are an owner of a small business, Google programs are worth a try. Follow the steps below to start online advertising and Internet marketing.

1.    First, build a website for your small business. You can set up an online store that includes your products, prices, and contact information, among others. This is your first step in attracting potential customers. If you have business cards, include the store’s web address on it to inform people of your online store. Some customers would find it more conventional especially if they prefer to browse on a collection of products before choosing what to purchase.

2.     Advertisement serves as a tool in getting your business noticed in public. Google offers programs that help business owners provide online advertisements. For site owners, Google AdSense is a perfect program, which maximizes your site’s revenue potential with targeted ads. It also customizes ads that complement your site and keeps track of the success of business with online reports. Another Google advertising program is Google AdWords. The program promotes your products to people searching on Google. Advertisers choose the program because of its PPC scheme, where you pay only when people click on your ad.  

  • Google AdSense. There are three easy steps in using Google AdSense. First, sign up by filling up the application form. Second, place your ads on your website. You may choose ads that match the look of your site. Third, get paid when the ad is clicked.
  • Google AdWords. Using Google AdWords is as simple as Google AdSense. First is to create ads and choose keywords that are related to your business. When people search on Google using one of your keywords, your ad appears next to the search results. This way, you attract potential customers. Aside from this advantage, getting started with highly-maintained web pages is no longer needed.

3.    Keywords are the search terms associated with your advertisements. Choose keywords that create strong impact to your target customers. You can use the Keyword Selection Tool and Google’s Keyword Help for tips and ideas in generating effective keywords.

4.    Avoid wasting money by taking appropriate steps. Don’t use illegal methods that would restrict you from using Google programs. Before using them, make sure that you’ve gained enough knowledge with the program you want to use. As a business owner, you wouldn’t want disadvantages outweighing the advantages.

5.    Beware of frauds. Unusual high amount of clicks on your website from the same IP address can be suspicious.

Small businesses need to boost up its ability to attract customers. Embracing our advanced technologies today can be of big help in achieving a successful business.


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