How To Boost Yard Sale Sales

A yard sale is a great way to earn much needed money. Even if you’re not cash-strapped, extra money that could go to the kids’ college fund or that next family vacation is always welcome. Having the freedom to get rid of some underutilized – and let’s face it --- unwanted stuff is quite a good deal, especially if you want to fill your house with new things.

Stowing things away inside a storage room isn’t exactly a smart thing to do if you’re not considering using them again anyways. While you may have some emotional attachment to the clothes you wore back in the day or the great furniture that you used back in the 80s, it’s just not practical to pay hundreds of dollars to store it in a storage facility to gather dust. Why not take your things and turn them into cash?

Of course, a yard sale is not a sure fire thing. You still have to play it smart and make sure that you make it easy for your customers to get a nice deal. Here’s how you do it:

  1. A successful yard sale begins at least two weeks before the actual date. You have to get the word out to the people who are most likely going to be in your front yard! If they don’t come to your big day, no one will buy so make sure that you work around the schedules of the people in your community. Post your announcements in the community center, local church boards or even go house to house near your home to inform your neighbours. Set it on a weekend that has not much activity.
  2. Have a lot of things prepared! Most people go into the yard sale not really thinking of getting something in particular. With more things to go through and consider, most customers would stick around for longer periods of time. Remember, the longer one stays, the better chances of you making that customer buy some from your yard sale.
  3. Get the family and you friends involved. If you can have more than one person talking to the customer, it would be much easier for you to rake in more profit. Just teach them your pricing strategy and make sure that they report all sales and transactions to you.
  4. Always mark and price your items at a higher price that your absolute basement price. Most people would haggle and ask you to lower prices so you must have a savvy negotiating approach to things. Bundle and package items together to make it more palatable to the buyer.
  5. Encourage the customers to look around. Sometimes, knowing that they’re welcome makes them more likely to stick around and look through things that they wouldn’t usually go over. This could be the difference between you keeping a dusty vinyl disc collection or turning it into a very handsome profit.

Yard sales are absolutely fun and it’s even better if you take the energy of the crowd into an actual profit for your unwanted space fillers at home.


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