How To Boost Your Sales with an Outdoor Sign

A business that does not have a sign outside the shop might just as well close its doors. The outdoor sign is a very important component of any storefront, since it is one of the first things that potential customers and clients see.

No one will ever go inside your shop or store to inquire more about your products or services if you don’t even give the people passing and driving by an idea of what your business is all about. Your shop sign is your chance to create a first impression – if your business were a person, the sign would be the smile or the outstretched arm asking for a firm handshake.

Here’s how you boost your sales with an outdoor sign:

  1. The most important component of your sign is the name of your business and the type of products and services that you offer. Aside from making sure that your market knows who you are, having your business name, logo and service out there allows you to passively suggest the idea of checking out your shop. The more people see it, the more familiar and less foreign the business becomes to the local community. People are more likely to go to shops that they have a certain sense of connection with the establishment.
  2. Have a catch phrase or slogan at the bottom of the sign. This could help people remember what your business is all about. If you’re a bakery, you may put something like “just like how Granny used to make it”. This would allow you to tap into your market and allow passersby to associate your business with memories of their own families. This is another way of strengthening connections and bonds.
  3. Put the website and contact numbers in your sign. This would allow people to quickly jot down. If people can see your contact details as well as your home page more easily, there would be no need to check the internet or the yellow pages. Giving the potential customer the ability to be in touch with you sooner can only boost your business.
  4. Stick to one unique look that is distinct. If you can create many facsimiles of your sign, it would be easier for people to recall the look of the logo as well as the design. Creating name recall can make you the first name in the minds and lips of people when your field is concerned. Always aim to be on top of everyone’s list.
  5. Make it big and easy to see. Don’t crowd it too much. To be sure, ask a professional to design and install it for you. It might be slightly more expensive, but it would be surely worth the extra dollars.

It’s not all about the sign, but success in  business will be very hard without a good outdoor sign that tells people walking by the things that your business stands for. As they say, a business with no sign is a sign of no business!


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