How To Build a Billboard Structure

Structure of a billboard

A lot of time and thought are put into the design and appearance of billboard structures.  Structures have to be designed to withstand every type of element.  Not only do they have to be structurally strong, they have to fit code and regulations in the proposed county or city.  Below is a description of what type of things are involved when learning how to build a billboard structure.

Step #1:  Determine the size of billboard that is needed.  A billboard can be any shape or size as long as it’s within zoning codes in the area.  Although unique shapes and sizes are more eye catching and appealing, most people agree it will be easier to rent out a more typical shape for billboards (normally rectangular).

Step #2:  Pick the perfect location for your billboard.  A billboard that can be seen from an overpass or from another high location are more difficult to build in comparison to the billboards that are visible from wide open areas.  Another thing to keep in mind is how much and what type of land the structure will be one.  This can help determine what size would be safest, for the area chosen.

Step #3:  Decide how the billboard “face” will be displayed.  Some billboards advertise on both sides while some only advertise on one side.  If you are planning to build a double – sided billboard, make sure both sides can be seen from roadways clearly.  Often the advertiser renting the billboard will pay more if the sides can be rotated, to give a fresher look.

Step #4:  The billboard structure must withstand all weather and climate conditions.  It is important to research any applicable engineering standard. It will be beneficial if the building is a strong structure.  Don’t forget to ensure the structure will meet all city / county codes and laws.

Step #5:  Begin by doing a simple sketch of how the billboard should turn out.  Follow up by designing a more detailed blueprint.  The blueprints will need to be approved and inspected before proceeding.

Step #6:  Supplies can be purchased from billboard material suppliers.  It is important to have all materials ready before construction starts, this can help from slowing down the process.

Step #7:  Once the billboard is erect, city / county officials will come out to inspect and make sure the billboard is up to highest safety standards.

Step #8:  A great feature to add to billboards is lighting.  It is best to determine what and how much lighting is needed, so it can be included during construction.  Lighting will increase the amount of money that the advertisers will pay to rent the billboard.  A lighting specialist can come in for advice on the subject. Too little lighting will not be beneficial while too much lighting can overpower the entire billboard itself.


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