How To Build a Business Website

As you begin to build a business website, you'll need to consider many things.  However, simply knowing what to do isn't enough.  The order in which you build your business website will have a major impact on the end results.

First things first.
In order to have your business website viewable by the entire world you'll need to find a web hosting company.  This is an online storage space where the files that make up your site will be placed after they've been built.  There are many different companies to do business with, so take your time when making this decision.  Picking a hosting company is your first step, because you'll want to make sure they offer all of the features your business website will require (domain name registration, 24/7 support, business website templates, shopping cart, automatic website backup, and the like).  Once you've found a suitable host, move on to the next step.

Name it.
You'll find it's easiest to build a business website around a business name.  The next step in the website building process is to select a domain name.  This is the address people will type in their address bar in order to visit your website.  Naturally, you'll want to see whether the domain name of your business is available.  For example, if Business Name = "XYZ Company" then the domain name should be "" or something as close to that as possible.  Chances are, your business name is already taken.  From there you may want to add descriptive words to the front or back side of your business website name.  If you like to keep things organized, check whether your hosting company offers domain name registration.  Often, they will offer free domain name registration when you build your business website with them.

I'm all ready. Now What?
Now it's time to build the business website.  Are you going to create your business website from scratch, or will you use a template or other software?  If you're using a shopping cart or other software it will most likely come with a few standard business website templates.  This is a great way to go if you have little design skill and want to build your business website quickly.  If you are skilled in website design and creation you may decide to take the route of building the entire website.  This has several advantages (exact customization, SEO, no new software learning curve, and so on) over using a template, but requires many more hours of labor.  Once you've made this decision it's time to get going.

Each of the previous steps are very important when you decide to build a business website.  There are only three basic steps.  But each of them come with many things to consider.  Spend time on each of them and get it right the first time - you'll be glad you did!


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