How To Build a Casino

If gaming and gambling is legal in your state, then running a casino could be the right business for you. Casinos have been known to earn big money, and you will be providing entertainment and relaxation to your customers, too.

  • First and foremost, you will need a business plan. Make an outline on how you are planning to build, finance, run, operate, advertise and handle your very own casino. A well prepared plan will guarantee that all the important details involved in building a casino will be carried out smoothly.
  • Check for available licenses for gambling in your area. This is a sensitive issue, so be sure to check with your state first and find out which forms of gambling are allowed and not allowed before investing your time and funds in your particular idea.
  • Get financial backing. Look for investors who have cash and influence. Look for those who already have existing investments and experience in casinos. This is important so that you will know what to look forward to depending on the magnitude and complexity of the casino you have in mind.
  • Hire a general contractor. Look for a builder with the most experience in building a casino. It is important to get a contractor who has built at least one casino of the same scale as the one you are planning, so you can have the design, plans, and materials just right.
  • Casino contractors have contacts with plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, carpenters and all other individuals with expertise in casino building. Employing the right contractor will keep your mind at ease knowing that a competent crew is handling your project.
  • Decorate. Hire a professional decorator to give you recommendations as to the kinds of furniture and equipment you need to buy for your casino. Visit showrooms in your vicinity to get some ideas for furnishings.
  • Buy equipment. Choose only reputable makers of gambling machines to avoid having repeated problems in the future. You will need equipment, such as a roulette wheel, slot machines, and the like. You will also need a supplier for cards, chips, and other accessories for your casino.
  • Invest in security systems. This is a must for all casinos. Install surveillance cameras on all areas of your casino. Security professionals in plainclothes should also be roaming around to monitor the people and see to it that everything is under control. It is also advisable to avail an insurance package as additional measure of security from a broker with an understanding of casinos and know how they function.
  • Hire the right candidates as your floor bosses, dealers and hospitality personnel. Your human resources department should conduct background checks to avoid hiring those who have criminal records. This step is very important in order to avoid the risks of having your casino closed down.
  • Market your casino. Set up advertising and marketing campaigns to bring out the word that you are opening a new casino. Post advertisements in publications and promote on the internet.

Your new casino should pass all requirements and inspections by your state and local government. People from the health department and officials from the gaming commission will inspect your place to see if you complied with the standard requirements before you can start with your business. Be sure to hang all licenses and other necessary documents in places where they can be easily seen.

Be sure to make a good impression when you welcome your customers on the grand opening. Expect the Commission on Gaming and Gambling to keep an eye on you to make sure that your casino will stay as clean and organized as the day you opened the casino.


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