How To Build a Day Spa

Ever had the feeling of wanting so badly to stop the world from revolving and get out of the responsibilities you have at the moment? Well, a day spa is the answer to your prayers. With all the stress caused by modern lifestyle, the day spa has become one of the topmost businesses at present. Although regularly going to a spa guarantees a refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated feeling after stepping out of one, it can be quite expensive. If you want to enjoy the health benefits of a day spa minus the extra bills to pay, you might as well try building your own. And, you may even turn it into your very own home-based business.

  • Gather all necessary materials. A spa should promise a reenergized and rejuvenated feel after every session. This means purchasing materials that will provide this effect. A spa doesn’t always need to be luxurious. You can have your own idea on how the spa should look like. The more the room has a touch of nature’s beauty, the more it guarantees deep relaxation. Below are the materials needed to build a day spa.
    • A massage table
    • Candle holders and aromatic scented candles
    • A mini sofa, complete with table and chairs for the client’s reception area
    • A stand or shelf for the client’s clothing
    • A small wooden table for the massaging oils, lotions, and other spa kit
    • Spa stones and pebbles, and warmer for the stones.
    • Aromatic oils and lotions, incense sticks, plants, flower petals, doormat, towels, toiletries, a shower, a tub (if necessary), curtains, a facial kit, a manicure kit, pillows and blankets.
  • Set up a hot stone therapy area. This type of therapy offers deep healing that involves heated spa stones. These hot stones generate feelings of ease and comfort. The heat produced by the basalt stones calms down and loosens up muscles, making way for the proper flow of energy throughout the body.
  • Construct shelves. The shelves will be for the clean and organized storage of the spa’s bath towels, different facials, massage oils and lotions, potpourri of dried scented leaves, scented candles, toiletries, etc. Categorize everything that you have to put on the shelves. And make doors for each shelf. The typical glass door would do, but a personalized bead curtain may appear softer, more down-to-earth and relaxing.
  • Find a good massage table. A lightweight one is most practical as it is easy to move around the room if reorganization is needed. Choose one that has a working sink for the client’s facial care.
  • Produce a spa manicure and pedicure area. Compared to a typical hand-and-foot care of manicure and pedicure offered in salons, a spa should offer something more luxurious. You will need to have extra pampering materials such as a salt rub, a paraffin dip, a nail care kit, and a nail bubble bath. If your room doesn’t have any walls to separate the massage area from the manicure-pedicure area, try making dividers. Chinese dividers give a more relaxed ambiance in a room without walls, or you could purchase or craft beaded curtains for a more personal touch.

A day spa can be of different forms and nature (health spa, detox spa, beauty spa, pampering spa). In building your spa, remember that simplicity is beauty. The more nature-inspired and less complicated the lay-out and design, the more relaxing and soothing to the senses. Enjoy the luxury! And enjoy sharing it with others as well!


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