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Building a free standing sign is a great thing to do if you are trying to get your business promotion or notification out into the world. Starting from scratch to build a sign is also a smart idea for small business owners or people that simply don't have a lot of money to pay for a really nice looking sign. This article will give you some help in carrying out the building of your sign using plywood and a set of 2x4s.

First thing you want to do to start out when you build a sign is get your supplies ready. A hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot will have everything you need to build a sign. Look for a 4x8 sheet of plywood, two 12 feet in length 2x4s, and a box of 3 inch wood screws. You can use the cheapest equipment you find if you're comfortable with it, but find the best if you want to build a sign that lasts. If you don't have a power drill, pick one of these up as well.

Next, get one of the store workers to cut the 4x8 sheet apart until it's made up of two 4x4 sheets. Get the 2x4s cut into six pieces each as well so you'll have 12 in total to build your sign. Two of the pieces need to be 5 feet, two need to be 3 feet, and four should be 20 inches, and the last four should be four inches in length. Get as precise as possible to build a sign that looks best.

After you've gathered the materials you need to build a sign from the store, place the two five feet length 2x4’s on the ground parallel and about four inches apart from each other. One of the 4’x4’ pieces of plywood will then need to be placed on top of the 2x4s, which will bridge them. Hold the plywood and use a power drill to screw 3 of the three inch screws into the end of the plywood so it attaches to the 2x4s.

Turn what you have so far over, and place the second piece of wood on the opposite of the first and screw 6 more screws the same way as you did for the first side, only slightly lower so you won't run into other screws, of course.

Now lay the three feet 2x4s on the ground and attach the four inch pieces of 2x4 to each end of them using more three inch screws.

Pick up the sign to stand on its side, so there should be two legs pointing sideways as you continue to build the sign. Get someone to balance this structure while you attach one of the three feet 2x4s to the bottom leg and make a "T" kind of structure. Turn this over so that the board you just attached is in midair with the opposite leg on the ground. Do the same for this side as before, having someone hold the sign as you attach the other three feet length 2x4.

Now stand the sign up, and take one of the other four 2x4s. Turn it diagonally and place it at the bottom of the sign. Screw it to the horizontal part of the "T" shape so that one part of the sign has a right triangle. After doing it for one side of the sign, use the other three and screw them on the same way until both sides have a completed triangle, bisected by the main vertical in the previous "T" shape.

That's it, you have learned how to build a sign! You can use this method and add a poster to the top using nails or screws.


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