How To Build a Teamwork Culture

Teamwork is an important aspect of the work environment. It brings coworkers together to complete jobs efficiently, effectively and often, in much less time. If you see the benefit of teamwork at your workplace, follow this guide to building a teamwork culture.

Step 1

Hold events to build team spirit. A great way to build a teamwork culture is to first get team members comfortable with working with each other. You don't need to escape off to a weekend retreat to focus on teamwork building skills though. Build teamwork culture right in your workplace through ice breaker activities, non-work related team activities, or any other activity that requires members to work together and get to know each other. This is the foundation for a great team, so it's a necessary start for building a teamwork culture.

Step 2

Make teams to solve problems. A team will work together if they feel they have a worthy cause. But they also need to be capable of completing the task. When you put together teams, ensure that everyone has the right training to not only complete the task, but to also work together as a team. If a strong teamwork foundation has already been laid, then a team can focus in on the work that needs to be done and not how to work as a team. With the right expertise and training, a good team can solve a problem quickly.

Step 3

Expect collaboration and compromise. Supervisors should enforce the expectation that team members collaborate and compromise in a team culture. That way, everyone will consider the thoughts and ideas of other team members and won't rush to force any personal ideas onto the team. Collaboration spawns creative thinking, which is an indispensible aspect of problem solving. Make sure that every group member strives to work together and respect the ideas of others.

Step 4

Always model teamwork. Supervisors also need to model the behavior they expect in a teamwork culture. Even when a project goes awry and the team is stressed, teamwork should still be emphasized. When employees see their superiors working together as a team, they are much more likely to be open to building a teamwork culture.

Step 5

Constantly review team progress. If you expect people to work as a team, then you must hold them accountable for their work. This means that constant review and revision is necessary for a team to reach the best possible solution to a project. Not only should the team always be communicating, but the supervisors should be aware of the progress of the team as well. When everyone feels accountable for their roles in a team, it puts more focus on accomplishing the task as a team. Accountability is yet another way to build a teamwork culture.

Step 6

Reward and recognize those who work and succeed together. The final step in building a teamwork culture rewards the efforts of a team. When a group of employees has successfully worked together to accomplish a task, recognition or a reward is ideal to show appreciation for their efforts. Announce accomplishments at a staff meeting, provide small gifts or hand out a bonus. The more incentive a team has to work well together, the easier it will be to build a teamwork culture in the work environment.


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