How To Build an IT Department

Making the decision to improve and revamp your IT department or just starting one can be a difficult time in a business' development. Many times, employees need to be let go or money needs to be spent to make the business as a whole more cohesive. There are a few easy steps this process can be broken down into in order to make the process a little easier.

Assess Your Needs
If you are a growing business that is just beginning to see the need for an IT department or an established company that needs an overhaul in the IT department, assessing what your exact problems and needs are is the first step. Are you just not able to deal with the issues yourself any longer? Are the two or three people currently in charge of the department not able to effectively handle all of the issues that are occurring?

Think about areas where your company is constantly lagging with its technology. If your techs are telling you that using twenty-year-old equipment is okay, chances are you need a new tech and some new equipment. If there are problem equipment or network hangups that keep occurring, spend the money to correct these issues. The time saved after the problem is corrected will make the difference in made or missed deadlines. If too many tickets are put in for your IT team to deal with, consider a staffing increase.

Determine the Best Strategy
Keep in mind the cost of introducing each new strategy, making sure that all potential long-term costs are taken into account. Consider where you will find your new employees - good recruiting is crucial to your new IT department's success. If you want to update your company's thoughts about technology, consider bringing in some employees fresh from graduate school or from a more modern background.

Call the companies you would like to purchase software from and get quotes on bulk purchases. Also, consider moving from outdated proprietary software to a more open architecture. If the IT staff is able to tinker with a code that might make everything a little faster and smoother, who's to say they should not be able to? Using an open source software system will allow you to tweak programs and other software to work more smoothly with your business.

Introduce your IT staff to the different functions performed in the office. They might not understand any sort of time budget that your company might be on. A quick change is normally the best way to go so everyone can be kept on the same learning curve for learning any new software or operating systems.


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