How To Build Back Links by Blogging

A Simple Way to Build Links Using Blogs

I will show you step-by-step how to build back links by blogging. I want to talk first about the importance of back links for any website. As all webmasters know, the number and quality of links are very essential for your website to appear in the first pages of search engines. And you know the importance of being in the first pages of search engines -- you can expect to get targeted organic traffic which will take your website to success.

So, links can give you more traffic, but the question is, how can you increase the number of links to my website? There are many strategies to start with it; I will mention one of these strategies -- building links by blogging.

  1. Sign up with It is a free service that provides you all options to start your website. It is so easy to set up a blog with -- by one touch button you can own a blog.
  2. Add a link list. From you account you can find an option to add a link list, you can find it at settings > template > add a page element > link list. You should add links to your main website that you want to promote, add link to the home page and links to inner pages.
  3. Start posting. You can now increase the link popularity for your main website by posting. With each post you write you can add a new page for your blog and at the same time you increase the number of back links to you main site. Post for everything you know, post everyday -- it's the easiest way to improve your writing skills and link popularity.
  4. Build links to your new blog. To let search engines index your new blog with its pages, you must build some links to the blog. The easiest way is by submitting it to blog directories. You can also exchange links with other related blogs.

As you see, it's very easy to build great links by blogging. Your posts, "pages with back links", are fast indexed by search engines and this will increase the number of back links to your main web site automatically.

By Elhusseiny Shahin the owner of Electronic gadget Website.


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