How To Build Your Brand Image

Your brand image is the name and the concept customers will have to remember in thinking about the products and services they need from you.  Associated with your brand name is its reputation.  For your business to be successful, your brand needs to have a good reputation, in order for your business to have a number of loyal customers and generate more revenue.

Building your brand image is not an easy task.  This would require diligence, hard work and consistency.  Having a good brand image is very rewarding, and you can look at your sales figures for its direct impact.

Good Looks.  People would always notice a hip brand logo.  You are in luck if you have creative talents and you are satisfied with the logo you come up with.  If not, hiring a logo designer would be a good investment.  Hire a good graphic designer for your brand.  Aside from your brand name, it would be good to have an image pop up in customers’ minds when they feel the need of your products and services.  For some, this is something they would easily remember, rather than a name.

Remember Your Customers.  Have a list or database of your customer’s contact information.  You can ask them to fill out a form or you could ask for their calling cards.  If your customer would be willing to give additional information, you can also get their birthdays.  This could be your means of sending them personal notes or updates regarding your products or services, especially if you have upcoming promos, sales or special offers.  You can add in their buying habits in your data base as well.  This would give them more reason to go back and become a regular loyal customer.

Customized Voice Mail.  Your customers or potential customers could call you and you are not available and your recorded voice-mail message would be the only one to greet them.  Stay away from the usual brand name and “leave a message” spiel.  You may utilize this in informing your customers about good facts about your company.  You may inform them of ongoing price reductions, special offers and others.  Just be creative and keep this up to date.  Make sure that the message would ease out the frustration from your customer since they would not be able to get hold of live person at the moment.  And of course, don’t forget to return their calls.

Wear Your Brand.  Have customized shirts, caps, and other stuff created with your logo on it and have people wear them.  You can wear it yourself or ask your employees to do so.  You can also have it as a freebie for customers who purchase a certain amount, or any other form of prize for your loyal customers.  When they wear these outside, other people would get to see your brand, and will be able to keep this in their mind.

Target Your Community. Start to be known around town.  Join events in your area.  If being a sponsor would be too much for your budget, you can start by just being a member of local service clubs and be active.  Be visible.  This is a good avenue for you to be known in your own locality.

Online.  Since the World Wide Web can reach far and wide, you might as well take advantage and utilize this technology.  You can set up your own website where people could get to know your company more.  You can also build a blog about it, featuring your products and services and events you would be hosting and other promos.  You can put up a forum, where your customers would be able to log in and share insights about your company or products.  You can also join online communities that are relative to your line of business.  Sign up for social networking sites, in which you could promote your brand to more and more potential customers.  As simple as it may sound, don’t forget to add your brand name and logo in your signatures when you send out your e-mails.

Utilize you brand as much as possible.  Exposure to it would get it known to potential customers.  Backing it up with good quality service would bring in regular customers and of course, generate higher income.


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