How To Buy a Booklet Maker Machine

Is your company or organization frequently publishing those booklets and it is financially draining to publish them in other publishing houses? You may consider buying your own booklet maker machine, capable of making small booklets and pamphlets suitable for your company’s needs. However, it may stress you out on thinking how to choose the right booklet maker machine. Read on to see some tips on how to buy your booklet maker machine and lessen your booklet binding worries.

  1. Go online. The Internet is a big market, and the competition compels the companies to sell their product in the Web. Check them out and look for the certain features that you would consider. However, don’t get too impressed at what they say in their sites: they are often exaggerated. It would be better to look for comparison sites.
  2. Consider booklet making demand and frequency. If your company is not that frequent in printing booklets, you may consider buying cheaper ones. On the contrary, if you are publishing quite frequently, it would be rational to buy a more durable (and expensive machine).
  3. How automated is the machine? It is an important factor. Different machines differ on how much human supervision is necessary to operate the machine. Some machines, especially of those on the higher price bracket, are fully automatic with pre-set programs and profiles that function with just a press of the button. Some more user-dependent machines require more human effort, and this may even require you to hire an operator if you use the publisher most of the time.
  4. Grade the user-interface. It would be wise to choose a booklet maker with a practically simple user interface so as to make it easier to use especially for new users.
  5. Number of sheets stapled, folded and printed. The speed of the machine can be tested by this measure, among the many others. Normal machine can handle 20 sheets while others can hold more. The booklet stapler in often the one that determines this factor, so check it out.
  6. Check the other bonus functions. Some booklet maker machines have jogging features meant to stop the pages from sticking, hence the higher quality. Others also have labels maker with booklet cover in them. Weigh down these features and compare the different bonuses.
  7. Check if it's feature can be used individually. Some machines can be used as stitch stapler only or as paper folder only while others cannot be used independently. This factor is crucial in the sense that the company or organization you are in may use the features in certain occasions apart from booklet making. It will certainly lessen your expenses of buying separate machines of the same functions.

Final words: many booklet making machines have a lot of features but with prices that are beyond high heavens. Therefore, it is a good idea to balance these deceiving features with your budget and necessity to avoid further regrets of buying features that you will not really need at all.

Start looking for your perfect booklet maker machine now and enjoy a quick and convenient publishing work.


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