How To Buy a Catering Truck

One of the first considerations when starting a catering business is how to buy a catering truck. This truck should be one suitable for your needs. It should also be in a price range you can afford. Before you buy your catering truck you need to determine how much you can afford to spend.

Based on your range, you should then start searching for a catering truck. One of the best ways is to contact existing caterers. Find out where they bought their trucks and which dealers are reputable. Once you have some contact information you can start your search.

Start visiting catering truck dealers in your area. It is advisable to take someone with mechanical aptitude that can check any truck that you're interested in. You must have a reliable truck or your reputation will suffer. At the very least you need to have a mechanic check a truck out before you buy it.

There may be conditions with the truck you buy. Ask what kind of warranty they have, if any. Also, find out if they will loan you a truck if yours breaks down. Make sure you get the deal you want and don't be too anxious to purchase the first vehicle you see. Negotiate the price and these ancillary services.

Before you purchase the truck you or the mechanic needs to examine the truck's equipment. There may be steam cabinets, drinking dispensers and even propane tanks. Make sure all of the equipment works before purchasing the truck.

You should take the truck for a test drive. Make sure you feel comfortable with the truck. And be sure all of the instruments work as well.

Make an offer. You should never offer the suggested manufacturer's price. They are usually bloated figures which allow the salespeople latitude for negotiation. Start by offering 75-80% of their price. They will likely consider it and return with a price a bit higher than your offer. At that point, make another offer somewhere between your previous offer and their new price. The economy is bad right now. All vehicle companies are hurting. Take advantage of the situation and get the catering truck you want at a desirable price.

Lastly, make sure all fees that go into the monthly payment are divulged up front. Know how much you will pay on a monthly basis if you need to finance the truck.


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