How To Buy a Cigarette Roller

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For smokers, it can be more cost effective to roll your own cigarettes. Rolled cigarettes can have better quality, can be consumed longer and can be made of your own blend of tobacco, without all the chemicals and additives that big tobacco companies put in cigarettes commercially produced, especially if premium tobacco is used.

It can be quite time consuming to look for the right tobacco, but it is easy to roll cigarettes with a cigarette roller. A cigarette roller or cigarette rolling machine is easy to use and not much effort is needed to personally roll cigarettes. Cigarette rollers can come in automatic and electric varieties, with a variety of styles and models that are designed for cones and blunts.

In buying a cigarette roller take note of the following:

Determine the cost of cigarette roller you can afford. Cigarette rollers can be costly depending on the kind and model you choose. If you are just experimenting or new to rolling your own cigarettes, do not invest a big amount on your first cigarette roller machine. Unless you plan to use a cigarette roller for a long period of time, it is suggested that you buy a cheaper kind as your first cigarette roller.

1.    Browse the web or visit tobacco shops to look at options of cigarette rollers for you to choose from. Look at the various features including:

  • Type of models – electrical, manual, batteries required
  • Size – small, portable, handy
  • Design – with hand cranks, with a slide
  • Size of cigarettes rolled -  standard size, slim, wide, or king cigarettes
  • Type and size of paper or pre-made cigarette filter tube used
  • Ease of mechanical operation
  • Movable and manipulated parts
  • Usefulness for traveling
  • Quality of packed sticks produced
  • Durability – heavy plastic, metal
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Packaging and storing

2.    If you go in store, ask a store staff to recommend a cigarette roller model you can buy. If possible, request to try out the unit suggested. For first time users, try models that are easy to operate.

3.    Compare the reviews and prices of the various models, including shipping costs.

4.    Ask about warranties, guarantees and return policies.

5.    Choose the kind of cigarette model that fits your budget and needs. If you intend to use your cigarette roller while traveling, buy a more durable model.

Before using the purchased cigarette roller, carefully read the instructions on how to operate the machine. Be careful of moving, sharp and breakable parts. You can damage or break the machine if used incorrectly.

Once you are used to rolling cigarettes using a cigarette roller, it can take only minutes to produce a cigarette pack. You can roll cigarettes while watching TV, or doing minor chores.  With time and a small investment, you can start producing your own rolled cigarettes at 1/3 less the cost of commercially sold cigarettes.

A word of warning though is that rolled cigarettes are not safer than the pre-rolled cigarettes sold in stores. Even if the tobacco you use may be natural and have less chemical additives, the health risks associated with smoking still exists.


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