How To Buy a Coffee Cart

Most all Americans start their day off with at least one cup of coffee. If you can tap into that market and capture regular customers, you could have a successful business on your hands. One way to capture the coffee-drinking crowd is to buy a coffee cart and set it up at a busy location.

The first thing you need to do is understand what requirements and regulations you'll have to meet. Your community may have regulations for or against coffee carts in certain locations, so you'll need to read up on food handling and permitting regulations where you live before you get too far into the process. You'll also need business licenses and food handling permits in just about every location, and you'll need to pay sales taxes, too.

Next, find a good location. It could be outside or inside, but some of the best locations are inside government buildings or private office buildings. They often offer contracts to coffee carts or other food concessions to serve their employees while they're on the job, and this can be a lucrative contract in big office buildings and other businesses.

If you're not a trained barista, you can get training online, and there may be local training courses at schools and colleges in your area. Make sure your employees are trained, too. Today, coffee drinkers are much more discerning about their coffee concoctions, so you need to make sure you know your latte from your espresso, and so do your employees.

You can buy a coffee cart from a local business owner who might be selling an existing cart, but you can find custom coffee cart suppliers online, too. At their sites, you can quickly configure a coffee cart with the items you want, such as display cases for pastries and cookies, refrigerators, sinks, and espresso machines. You can choose from different sizes and lay-outs, and see how your finished coffee cart will look. Check out local restaurant supply houses, too. They may have a used coffee cart that will be a little easier on the budget.

Coffee carts come in sizes anywhere from 4-feet long to 10-feet long, so you'll have to determine what size will fit best in your location, and what you want to include. If you're outdoors, you'll definitely want an awning and a security curtain for when your cart is closed. If you're indoors, you might not want an awning, but you might want some tables and chairs where your patrons can sit and relax while they enjoy their coffee.

Buying a coffee cart and finding the right location for it could just be the ticket to a new career and success for you and your family.


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