How To Buy a Dictaphone

Many professionals use Dictaphones for their businesses, such as physicians, reporters and therapists. They are very handy work aids for recording conversations that may be referenced later. When shopping for a Dictaphone, you will find that they are offered as digital recording devices or micro cassette tapes.

What features are you looking for? An excellent research method is to read product reviews online from people that have already purchased a Dictaphone. Make a list of some of the most important qualities, such as memory, battery life and of course the recording quality. Some other fine features in the Dictaphones are pocket sized units with a convenient carrying case and those that come with a built-in microphone.

Besides these items, you should see what type of batteries are required and how long they will last, before needing replacement. The playback speeds may be of importance for slowing down the dictation or speeding through other sections. Voice-activation modes and compatibility of your PC may also be an issue when buying a Dictaphone.

When you are shopping for Dictaphones, watch for some that come with special features, such as the handy last word locater. It will locate your last word dictated and it will begin recording where you left off.

Some machines are equipped with fast play controls. A unit lock feature eliminates recording over previous material by accident. You can mark the start and finish of a document using the priority and letter cue features on some Dictaphones.

Review sites that contain Dictaphone reviews are,, and Reading reviews can give you some new insight to functions and features you may not be aware of.

Comparison shopping Web sites will provide lists of stores by price. In addition they often show consumer ratings for customer service of each store. Some of the largest comparison shopping Web sites, that you can research for Dictaphones are,, and In using these types of sites, it's possible to save a considerable amount of money.

Save yourself a lot of time and gas by shopping for a Dictaphone online. The product reviews are like finding a gold mine when it comes to being armed with valuable knowledge about the pro's and con's of buying a Dictaphone. Competition has forced many merchants to throw in free shipping and most sites do not charge sales tax, therefore you may actually save money by shopping online.


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