How To Buy a Fax Machine for a Home Office

Nothing beats a way to earn income that at the same time allows you to enjoy moments with your family. No wonder why more and more people are bringing their offices to their homes. But along with having a home office is your initial investment for buying machines like computers, telephone, furniture pieces, and of course, fax machine.

Virtual Faxing Service

Almost all offices need a fax machine, whether for receiving or sending fax messages. But there is an alternative to buying a fax machine—enrolling in a virtual faxing service.

Businesses offering virtual faxing service will provide you a fax number so that you can receive fax messages from traditional fax machines through email. You can also send documents to fax machines using your email. The service provider acts as the middleman between you and the other end. They translate your message to be fax-readable.

Buying Fax Machine

The only problem with virtual faxing is that you surrender your home office’s privacy to another party, which is not a good thing for most businesses. If you’re concerned much about your privacy, better buy a fax machine for your home business. Here’s how you can do a wise shopping:

Prioritize your needs. Why are you buying a fax machine? Are you expecting more faxes to be received from clients or do you want to send faxes to potential clients? Getting the best fax machine starts from identifying what this machine should do for you.

Should it be able to hold more paper or more ink? Should it be capable of saving fax messages sent and received? Should it have more speed dials? Should it produce color pages? Should it work as a printer, too? There are so many things you need to consider. Knowing what fax machines can offer will help identify the features that your home office needs.

Delimit fax machine choices. There are literally hundreds of fax machine options available in the market. It’s hard to decide which among these hundreds of machines to choose. Start it by looking at the functionalities and features. Refer to your identified faxing needs.

Include into your delimited options those that can satisfy your home office faxing needs. Start crossing out options that are not so good for your home office until only three are left. Now, read reviews about those three fax machines to know which among these is best based on actual performance.

Consider the price as well and the operational cost for each machine. Most cheap fax machines have expensive operational cost while expensive fax machines have cheap operational cost. But before you start considering your budget, prioritize what your home office needs first.

Buy. Get the fax machine you want from the store that offers the best deal. The best deal can be the cheapest price or the longest warranty on parts and services.

Adding a fax machine for your home office is a sign of progress for your business. And since it’s for business, you should also make sure it’s a good investment. Following the above buying steps can help you through shopping wisely.


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