How To Buy a Kneeling Chair

Working long hours sitting, strains your back. If you do not sit in the right position, there’s a good chance, your lower back can hurt enough that it would need therapy. Most of our hours in a day are spent sitting down. We sit in the office, in a car, in the train, in a movie house, in a restaurant. Most of these times, the chair we are sitting on does not keep our back in the right position. Some chairs nowadays are after aesthetics more than the comfort of the user. The best solution to care for your back is getting a kneeling chair. A kneeling chair is a type of chair that is designed with ergonomics in mind. It is inclined in a degree that follows the natural curve of your spine. It has a kneeling pad, hence the name,  that goes just below your shins to support your body weight, To get the right kneeling chair that will highly benefit you, follow these steps:

1.    If you are relatively new to the concept of a kneeling chair, go online and read about it. Look at pictures and study how you are supposed to sit on it. There are websites that give good information about kneeling chairs. Sites like explain the benefits of a kneeling chair.

2.    You can buy it online or you can visit a store that sells kneeling chairs. But before clicking that “buy” button or getting money from your wallet, you should check the following considerations:

  • The chair should be easy to maneuver and has swivel capabilities.
  • Check for weight limitations.
  • The chair should have adjustment levers or knobs that will be easy for you to adjust to your most comfortable position.
  • Make sure the seat rest and the knee cushions are thick enough for maximum comfort and wide enough for you.
  • Get the kneeling chair with an optional backrest.

3.    Set your budget for the kneeling chair. You can check the prices online or you can call stores for pricing. Evaluate carefully each brand and model and decide on one that has the most features with a reasonable price.

4.    If you are buying online, be sure that the site is using secured payments like PayPal. Do not allow yourself to write your credit card number without being sure of their payment system. Choose online stores that offer discounts and have laid out their refund policies. Check their shipping mode, delivery dates and most especially, their warranty periods.

5.    If you are buying personally in a store that sells kneeling chairs, do not hesitate to try it out. Ask the salesperson about its features and let him demonstrate it for you. Go over each feature and try it out yourself. Allow yourself to feel the kneeling chair and if you think one chair is not comfortable enough for you, choose another one until the fit is perfect.

Kneeling chairs are getting more exposure nowadays because more and more people develop jobs like a call center agent that requires the employees to sit during their shift. Sitting in an ordinary chair may cause some to hurt their backs or damage the natural angles of their spines. Kneeling chairs will help you solve, if not prevent, occurring back problems.


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