How To Buy a Learjet

Learjet is a company that started the private business jet craze in the 1960s. Once a thing for the rich, private jets are becoming more and more reachable for upper-middle class businessmen who travel many miles. Buying a Learjet is obviously expensive, as you will have to pay not only for the jet, but also for the pilot, the maintenance crew and the hangar fees.

  1. Business or pleasure? A private jet is obviously a fun way to unwind and relax. Be careful, however, as it could lead to several problems financially. Aviation fuel is very expensive and if you are only using your Learjet for pleasure without thinking of the other costs, you may find yourself losing money through monthly maintenance charges without getting value for your money. Business jets, however, are more useful as they can get you from one place to another offering you a large amount of mobility. This is useful in many cases of multinational companies with branches all over the globe. If your job is a liaison officer between two countries and your presence is required in both, a business jet will save you the trouble of airline tickets and times.
  2. Finances. Learjets normally cost $3 million and above. While this may sound like a large amount, jobs as mentioned above will actually recover this amount quickly through quick business deals that will astound people with your speed and willingness to go wherever you have to. At least $100,000 a year is required to maintain your jet, not to mention pay for your pilot’s fees, aviation fuel and the like. If you have stewardesses, then you’ll have to factor in their payments as well. If, say, you wish to stock food and drink in your jet, you’ll have to pay for their costs along with everything else. If, however, you cannot afford these things, there are other ways to enjoy having a Learjet, like partial ownership.
  3. Jet size. Personal jets come in small, medium, and large sizes. Small jets can carry up to eight people for at most 2,500 miles, midsize jets can carry 9 passengers for 3,500 miles and large passengers can carry up to 12 passengers. This is, of course, depending on the type of jet you are buying. Learjet, the famous company that builds these planes have many kinds of business jets that suit your needs. On average, most small jets cost $5 million, midsized jets normally go for $14million, and large jets cost around $30 million per piece.
  4. Shopping. Most Learjets are sold face-to-face in real life. You can ask around in your local hangar or airport to find out where the branches are. In most cases, a sales representative will come to your office and show you portfolios and prices. In case you don’t have the luxury of time for face-to-face contact, there is always the option of doing business online. Learjet’s website is at It offers all the selections of planes online. There are other online auction sites for Learjets too.,, and sell used and brand new Learjets.

In getting a jet, what matters is how you use it, when you use it, and if you use it. Buying $5million dollars worth of a Learjet may be a bad thing if you plan to travel once or twice a year. With costs at least $100,000 you’ll be hard-pressed to find a good reasoning for having one unless, of course, for display.


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