How To Buy a Logo Umbrella

Companies are truly business savvy when they show that they understand the needs of their customers even through their promotional merchandise. This is why the functional freebies like calendars, jackets and lunchboxes, and logo umbrellas are a hit with the crowd. This way you give them something to use everyday so it's practically free advertising. When buying a logo umbrella, follow these tips:

1.   Choosing your design. Design may refer to the structure, color and size of the umbrella you can include in your options. Another that has to be included in the design is the quality of the umbrella depending on the time of the day it will be used. There are umbrellas just meant to shade oneself from the sun and the kind that can withstand heavy rain or other harsh environmental conditions. To solve this dilemma, you should simply opt for one that can serve both. This means it has to be of good quality. Your customers will appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

2.   Choosing your sources. Now you are ready to canvass for possible product suppliers. Find the one that can give you the best quality at a reasonable price. You may have to consult two separate companies for this advertising product: one for the printing and one for the umbrella supplier. For the printer, ask if they print in full color or just simple graphics. There may be local printing stores near you that provide both umbrella and printing services where you can get a good deal minus the hassle of shipping and long distance negotiation. But of course there is always the convenience of online shopping.

Try the following online shops to take care of your promotional needs: BackyardCity, ArtPromos, TagUmbrella, and VictoryStore.

3.   Coordinating with the manufacturer. Submit a high-quality softcopy and a hardcopy of your company logo to the chosen product manager. He may have other ways by which to go about this process, so be clear on instructions. It should be the size you want it to appear on the umbrella relative to its measurements. Specify the colors you want to be used, borders and margins and the general placing of graphics. You may decide on adding your company motto below the logo as well.

4.   Assessment of product sample. Before the mass printing of your logo umbrella, the manufacturer must provide you with the initial product result, and a sample of what will be printed in numbers. Inspect the quality of the umbrella and the clarity and richness of the imprinting as well. This way you can make modifications if it did not turn out the way you expected it. You should also ask for their return policies in case a few of the released products were substandard.

Remember that this promotional concept is not just a matter of having your logo plastered on an ordinary umbrella for people to parade in the streets. Just because it's free does not mean it has to be made of cheap material. Companies invest in advertising because it is their name at stake and these give them back more than they lose in the long run.


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