How To Buy a Recycling Bin

When you decide that you want to start recycling, the first thing you need to make the job more organized and efficient is a recycling bin. Following the tips that are offered below, and you will have a much easier time finding what you need for a great price.

When you consider purchasing a bin for your recycling program, it is important to first outline what kind of items that you will recycle the most:  glass, plastic, paper, and so on. This will affect the size and type of bin that you will need, for example, with plastic items that range in size, you will need a deeper, larger container. Milk jugs, orange juice containers, and related plastic items will need to be washed out before putting them in to reduce smells.

Once you have decided what kinds of items you will save for reuse, you can go shopping for your bin. There is no exact type that is required, but the best kind of bins are sturdy plastic one that come with lids. Plastic is easy to wash in case something leaks, and makes for easier transport. It is advised to get a mid-sized container, these are easier to carry.

To save money on purchasing your bin, here are some money saving tips. Consider using empty storage bins that are already laying around the house; if you must purchase one, head for the local thrift store. Many times they will have a few that are marked down to a bargain price. This way, you can not only recycle but can save money at the same time. Another good suggestion is to purchase a stackable set of bins that can be labeled according to the type of item being put in them. This will reduce the number of bins that would have to be laid out in a row.

If you are in an area that supports or requires recycling, they will often provide a bin for free that you leave out on trash day for collection. These bins are smaller, but work just as well. It is also advised to line your bins with a trash bag to prevent any leakage of items and for easy removal.

By using the tips offered above, you will be able to find the right bin or bins to meet your recycling needs. This way, you will be helping the planet and reduce the amount of trash you throw out.


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