How To Buy a Typewriter

The computer and printer have taken center stage as word processors, but there are still plenty of uses for the typewriter. Many writers still feel more comfortable while pounding away on the hard and dependable keys of a typewriter, while offices who need to immediate print outs for labels and envelopes work best with typewriters that do not need to undergo the process of file saving and configuring a printer. Here’s what you need to know to purchase a typewriter.

  1. Type. Begin by determining the type and brand of typewriter that you need. There are plenty of typewriter manufacturers such as Smith Corona, Brother, Royal, and Olivetti. These brands have been manufacturing typewriters for decades and can provide you with excellent products that will last for years. Apart from the brand, also look for the type of typewriter that you need. There are manual typewriters and electronic typewriters that have a type of printer attached to the device. The manual typewriter is easy to use, but the electronic typewriters will provide you with other formatting options that may not be present in a manual typewriter or which may be difficult to set.
  2. Supplies. Next, consider the supplies and accessories that you will need for your typewriter. For instance, you should look for shops that can provide you with a steady supply of spools, ink threads, ribbons, and other typewriter parts. There are dedicated typewriter shops online which you can check out, even if there are no available shops in your area. In larger cities, there are usually printer shops that still provide ink ribbons for corporations and institutions that still use typewriters in the office.
  3. Refurbished typewriters. Buying a typewriter does not always entail purchasing new devices. There are also refurbished typewriters that you can buy from plenty of online auction houses such as eBay. These are relatively cheaper, especially since typewriters were sold at a very low price years ago when these where must haves for the office. You can even purchase antique typewriters such as the Crandall which was produced in the early 1900s. These come with keys that have mother of pearl designs. Make sure, however, that the refurbished or second hand typewriters you purchase are in good working condition.
  4. Online. Check out online shops where you can find typewriter shops. Amazon has a variety of typewriters to choose from, although there are other shops that specialize in selling typewriters. One of the advantages of purchasing typewriters from the web is that the selection is larger and you can compare price quotes easily. However, you should also check for additional costs such as shipping and transportation costs.
  5. Reviews. Check out the typewriter reviews as well. Use search engines to search for reviews and check out products that are built to withstand years. Few people realize that refurbished or older models are actually one of the best typewriters since these have been created for decades of constant use.

A typewriter may seem more expensive at first, but if you are able to select a model that is well built, you can have a product that will serve you for a long time. 


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