How To Buy American-Made Goods

In today’s cutthroat market, most corporations are cutting all their operating and manufacturing costs by outsourcing a huge chunk of their core operations to nations with a significantly lower labor cost.  Whether it is manufacturing a product or customer service, it is more financially viable to outsource it to other countries.  It is because of this idea that Americans find it extremely difficult to buy genuine American made goods.  In fact, majority of the products you find in an average supermarket or department store carry American branded products that are manufactured in countries like China and Malaysia.  It does make people wonder if the goods that they purchase are in line with American standards of quality.  Nevertheless, despite outsourcing, there are still many products that are truly American made and there are still many stores that only sell genuine American products.

Read the fine print.  There are literally thousands of American brands being sold in the US that are not really owned by American companies.  This can be really deceiving.  Most of the time, people do not actually read the fine print before purchasing an American branded product.  The fine print on the label of each product will give you the name of the manufacturing company and where it was manufactured.  This very light reading can be your first step in actually verifying that the chocolate bar you are planning to purchase is truly made in America or in China.

Read up on American products.  There are some great books on buying American products that can really help you find true American goods.  One of the more popular books on buying American products is Roger Simmermaker’s, “How Americans Can Buy American”.  These books provide you a good list of American companies and brands that still provide American made products.

Search Online.  The Internet contains a large resource of information on American-made products being sold in local and online stores.  Just do a quick search and you should be able to retrieve tons of websites selling genuine American goods.  Some notable sites you should check out are,, and  Websites like these are great resources to find out what brands are American made and how to purchase them.  Some of these sites are even e-commerce portals that will let you purchase the item online using your credit card and deliver it right to your doorstep.

Take note of the brands.  People will always tell you to just take note of the company behind the brands.  Be wary.  Some brands that are truly owned by American companies may still outsource the actual production and manufacturing to other countries to save significant costs.  The materials may be of high quality and even American but the actual assembly or creation is done by other nations.  It is crucial to investigate a company or brand before you purchase.  This is if you are truly dedicated to buy American.

Buying American has always been promoted by the US government since it is a way for you to help the American economy.  Regardless of the rampant outsource and the invasion of foreign companies with American sounding brand names, there are still numerous ways to ensure that you buy genuine American made products.


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