How To Buy an Architect's Eraser

An architect’s main function in our community is to design and supervise the construction of buildings. They are also responsible for the design of landscapes and some household supplies. Often, they use bulky instruments (e.g. T-square, blueprints, etc.) in performing these tasks. They also use small devices such as triangles, protractors, compasses, etc. Yet the simplest implement that an architect’s drafting kit should never be without is an eraser.

An architect’s eraser, popularly known as an electric eraser, is a tool used in eradicating errors caused by artistic media, such as pencils and ink, on blueprints. It serves a very essential purpose to architects most especially when errors are made at small areas, thus, having the ability to erase with precision compared to standard erasers. Since architects are mostly strict in terms of form, electric erasers must come in handy. So here are some tips/recommendations on how to buy your very own electric eraser.

Choosing the type of eraser. There are three types of eraser that you may choose from: the battery-operated eraser, the plug-in electric eraser, and the dual type electric eraser. So, the first step is to determine the specific features of the three. Battery-powered erasers need batteries that you may change frequently in order to work. Even so, they are lighter, which make them more handy and convenient. On the other hand, plug-in electric erasers are heavier and may last longer provided that electricity is available in the workplace. If you want something more practical but versatile in terms of purpose, choose the dual type. This type of electric eraser gives you a two-way performance because of its cordless feature. The Alvin Cordless Eraser available at is a great example of this remarkable tool.

Considering the type of paper used. Papers are prone to damage especially when you use erasers onto them frequently. Using your electric eraser extensively to the wrong type of paper can produce ‘fuzz’ on your paper. Before purchase, test the different erasers to the type of paper you usually use. By doing this, you’ll get to know the right type of eraser for a certain type of paper. Also, this allows you to check whether eraser bits are present after using an eraser. Eraser bits make the blueprint look dirty.

Checking the availability of replacement erasers. Replacement erasers are used when the eraser is depleted. There should be available replacement erasers that will fit the core of your electric eraser. This could be a little less problem if you are purchasing package kits, which may also include rechargeable batteries and other accessories. However, replacement erasers are commonly purchased separately. 

Reading buyer’s guide. It is always important to allot time to examine products through reading product reviews and buyer’s guide. Reading different references broadens your knowledge regarding the product that you are about to buy and at the same time narrows down your product choices.

To architects, the discovery of electric erasers is truly remarkable. But its unique function is becoming universal these days. So before you buy your own electric eraser, check out the above listed tips to avoid compromising the product of your choice.


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