How To Buy Caution Tape

In case you didn’t know, caution tape is the bright yellow or red or white tape you see around crime scenes or high-risk areas, usually marked as “Crime scene, do not cross” or other such warnings. This can also be used to barricade access from one area to another. Caution tape can be used for many other purposes, other than those mentioned here. For example, customized caution tape can be used for theme parties (Halloween comes to mind), wrapping gag gifts, and so on. Here are some suggestions to help you buy caution tape.

Local/chain stores

The first place to look for caution tape is your local hardware store. You can find it usually in the section marked for ‘adhesive’ tapes or other similar product groupings. Check with the store clerk or assistant, if you can’t locate it on your own.  Chain department stores, such as Sears, Lowes or Home Depot also stock a variety of caution tape products.

Online resources

Like any other product, you can buy caution tape online as well! Within the vast realm of the internet, there are several ways in which you can procure caution tape. First, you can check out online wholesale suppliers who sell to the public as opposed to other businesses. For example, portals such as Costco,, eBay and are great resources to buy caution tape at low prices.

Second, if you’re looking for customized caution tape, you can look up manufacturers directly and place your orders online.

Third, for businesses which are looking to buy caution tape in large quantities or for sources which can set up a continuous and regular supply as per market requirements, there are US-based and international suppliers who provide caution tape in whatever quantity or variety that is required. Some of these sources are,, Made in China, and so on.

Other sources

In case you do not want to spend time and effort in searching online, you can use the ‘usual, faithful standbys’  – business-to-customer (B2C) directories or Yellow Pages! Check among your network of family, friends, business associates or colleagues, they can provide you with not only contact details, but also provide recommendations, so that you’re task becomes easier.

Before you set out to buy caution tape, it is important to have a clear idea of your requirements, that is, the purpose for which caution tape is to be used. Remember, caution tape comes in a variety of colors, warning labels, dimensions and materials. Outdoor usage means the caution tape must be highly visible, in bold or bright colors and capable of lasting under all kinds of weather conditions. Therefore, have an organized and comprehensive shopping list before you set out to buy caution tape.


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