How To Buy Equipment for a Lawn Care Service

A lawn care service is a rewarding business. Many people just don’t have time anymore to care for their own lawns, as they are busy with work or they just can’t handle the challenging task. If you are in the lawn care service business, you need to invest in some quality equipment. Also, you have to upgrade your equipment now and then with newer and more efficient models to keep up with the competition with others in the business. In buying equipment for a lawn care service, consider these tips:

  1. If you are new in this business, list down first all, the equipments needed for this trade. Ask around from your friends or business associates who are in lawn care business. On the other hand if you are already maintaining a lawn care service business, make an inventory of your available gear and find out what you might need in the future or which equipment needs to be replaced and upgraded.
  2. For a cheaper buy, search for second hand equipment online or in walk-in stores in your area. Find this out by looking at advertisements in newspapers and websites selling used items. Examples of used lawn care equipment that are durable and can stand many years of usage even when sold as second hand products are tractors, snow blowers and lawnmowers.
  3. Families who transfer residence to another location usually put up ‘moving out’ sale to dispose things that are too burdensome to bring. Lawnmowers, garden tools, wheel barrow, spades, shovels, clippers and other gardening devices are commonly put on sale before the move out. You might want to go and try your luck.
  4. Many stores everywhere in the U.S. hold year-end sales or inventory sales periodically. Try to visit these stores and see if there are lawn care equipments being sold at discounted prices.
  5. Avoid buying lawn care equipment during peak seasons such as summer and spring when garden tools are in demand. Most likely, they will be sold at steeper prices since many people are in need of these items. Instead, plan your purchase just before the season winds up. At the onset of autumn, prices of lawn care equipment generally drop to very affordable rates. As winter approaches, prices will even go deeper, except for snow blowers and other winter devices. Also, huge lawn care equipment that requires wide storage space can create a problem for the store manager, hence they are usually sold with huge discounts.
  6. If you are new in lawn care service business and you are engaged only with minor tasks for beginners, purchase your required equipment only as the need arises. However you must set aside a ready budget for this because you will never know when you will be able to get a big-budgeted lawn care service deal. As your business grows, manage your finances in such a way that a portion is allotted for maintenance and upgrading purposes, which of course includes purchase of new tools.

Buying equipment for a lawn care service entails knowledge on the different kinds of equipment and their quality. Also, it requires wise decision and good timing in finding the best offers in the market.


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