How To Buy Equipment for a Pizzeria

The most popular Italian food of all time all over the world is no doubt, the pizza. And the popularity of pizza attributes to the coming of lots of pizza parlors everywhere. The pizza industry is a brisk business, hence it is no wonder why many people want to open a pizzeria of their own. If you are one of those who plan to put up a pizzeria, the first thing you should do is to invest some capital on the equipment. Here are suggestions on how to get a good deal out of this purchase:

  1. List down all the equipment you will need in your pizzeria. You may search on the Internet for guidelines on what equipment is necessary for this business.
  2. The oven is the major equipment needed in making pizza. Settle for nothing less than a real pizza oven. Some pizza joints try to scrimp on their budget by investing on several small ovens. However small ovens won’t allow you to produce bigger pizzas that might disappoint your prospective customers.
  3. Look around for second hand ovens. Search in your area if there are pizza parlors that have closed down and offer to buy their equipment. You may browse on the Internet also to find shopping websites that feature slightly used industrial equipment on sale. EBay is of course, one of the best online sources to aid your search.
  4. Get in touch with suppliers of pizza ovens and ask them to send you their price lists. But be sure not to commit yet to anyone of these suppliers until you find the best deal.
  5. After buying your oven, it’s time to buy the freezer and cooler. Give priority to the cooler because you will have more need of it than the freezer. Cheeses, dough, and other items you need for making pizza should be stored in coolers. What you just need to freeze are meat, cold cuts and ice cream. There are twin cooler and freezer assembled as one unit, usually the upright models. You may opt for this type of food storage as you may require.
  6. Your other purchase should include sheets and pans to be used in baking pizza. You need to buy many of these materials because though they are reusable, you can’t afford to run out of baking sheets when orders are pouring in. Pizza supply stores have a lot of pizza sheets and pans for sale and you can just walk into one and make your purchases right there and then.
  7. Tables and chairs will complete your purchase list. Estimate how many tables will fit in your pizzeria and decide what right measurements will be convenient for the place. Consider the movements of the people who are eating in. Try to find tables that are foldable and easy to set up. Stools are preferred than chairs as they occupy less space. Make sure you also buy one large work table (wooden) where you can place the pizza straight from the oven for cutting and packaging.

Once you are done with the purchasing of equipment for your pizzeria, all you have to do now is register your business, get the necessary licenses, buy the ingredients, hire some assistants and you’re set to open. Best of luck and enjoy your new business!


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