How To Buy Office Furniture

Whether you're setting up an office in your home or at your place of business, the furniture you put in your office is important to the success of your business. More than just functionality, office furniture provides support to your staff and creates a certain look and feel for your company. When you're buying office furniture, here are a few things you need to consider.

Step 1

Choose chairs that offer proper support. If you or your employees will be sitting at desks for the majority of the day, then the most important piece of office furniture you can buy is a good office chair. Office chairs need to be adjustable in all areas - back, headrest, armrest, seat position, and height. That way, each chair can be personally adjusted to each employee. Don't skimp out on cheap office chairs. Ones that provide good support and keep employees comfortable will help them maintain focus on their work and not on their aching back.

Step 2

Choose desks with ample space. Another important piece of furniture in an office is the desk. A good office desk is one that provides enough space to work on. It should have a large, empty area where nothing sits. (This will be good for project work). As well, it should have areas for a computer, a printer and a telephone. Ideally, the office desks you buy will have holes notched out of them so that the wiring from all of the technical devices on the desk can be neatly threaded to the outlets under the desk. Desks with built-in drawers and shelving are also great additions to your office furniture collection, since this will help keep employees organized.

Step 3

Purchase ample shelving. Offices need to have a lot of storage space. So when you are buying office furniture, don't forget the shelving. Some desks may come with small hutches, which are a great start to creating a workable office space. But in addition to this, you will also want to buy filing cabinets and shelving to stores papers, files and books. Storage keeps offices neater and helps employees to do their jobs more efficiently.

Step 4

Think of all the little things you'll need. Since each office is different, there's really no saying what other types of office furniture you'll need to buy. You'll have to consider the specific things that your business needs. If you often have staff meetings, then you'll need a meeting table that is large enough to seat everyone. (The chairs around the table need to be comfortable, but not necessarily adjustable since they're just temporary.) If you have a waiting room, then you'll need coffee tables, magazine storage racks, and lots of seating. Maybe you want a couch in your front lobby, or a coat rack in the staff room. These are the types of office furniture that can come as incidentals after you outfit your office with the essentials (desks, chairs and shelving). Take some time to see how your business functions, and you'll quickly realize what other specific pieces of office furniture you need to buy to make your office environment workable.


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