How To Buy Payroll Checks

There are several ways to discover how to buy payroll checks.  Payroll checks may be purchased online from the payroll software company through which your payroll is processed. For new businesses, choose payroll checks with your business logo and address for a more professional look. With this method, it's a simple matter of using the payroll software company's online order system.

With the most recent payroll software, these ordering systems may even provide a reminder when payroll checks need to be reordered.  As payroll checks are processed and printed, a "pop-up" message appears on the payroll software screen and orders can thus be placed directly.

If payroll software doesn't provide this order feature and you need to know how to buy payroll checks independently, check online for sources that offer blank printer-compatible payroll checks.  It's important to provide your last sequential check number so new checks can be printed in correct check number order.  Maintaining check number order avoids discrepancies in tracking for bookkeeping purposes.

In addition to online sources for purchasing payroll checks, it's also possible to buy them from the bank through which the payroll is managed.  His can be done at the time of the set up of a new payroll or at any time thereafter.  New businesses that don't know how to buy payroll checks very often choose this method.  Generally, banks offer a line of payroll checks with company logo imprinted on them.

An important thing to know when learning how to buy payroll checks is the information imprinted on them.  This information is part of the regular payroll data maintained by the company's bookkeeper:

  • Check date
  • Check number
  • Name of bank authorizing payout
  • Bank account number
  • Micro number or other security numbers

What you also need to know to learn how to buy payroll checks is that the payroll check stub also has information listed on it.  This information usually includes the check date and number, the name and address of the employee, the employee number, the company's name and address, the pay period date, a social security number (usually only the last four digits to avoid identity theft), tax deductions and any other company-specific deductions.

Payroll checks may also be imprinted on chemically sensitive papers to prevent alterations to check data. Some types of payroll checks are also imprinted on paper that has special fibers to make them more secure and less prone to counterfeiting or fraud.  This is an especially good feature for checks that are written in very large payroll amounts.


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