How To Buy Personalized Pens

Using personalized promotional products is a good step for most marketing campaigns, and buying personalized pens is one product that many companies begin with when they do decide to try some imprinted items.  Personalized pens are useful for gifts, give away promotions, and internal usage around the office.

Even if your business is just a one-person at-home business, you can order a few dozen personalized pens and make good use of them.  These items can usually be deducted on your tax return for advertising expenses, and they are very affordable.  For larger businesses, order as many as needed for use at convention show booths, meetings, and other uses.  Banks, for example, use imprinted pens with their name on them at drive-through windows and inside the building, knowing that many will go home with customers.  It is not an issue, since they are purchasing personalized pens by the multiple dozens or hundreds at a time.  It is just part of the advertising budget and the pens are expected to be taken.

Buying personalized pens is very simple.  Just head to your local printer or specialty merchant, or get on the computer to find promotional products including pens and other items.  There is usually room for a company name, telephone number, or a simple line of text on each pen.  The imprint will be the same on all of these, but you can order different colors and styles.  The stick pen is widely used, and these come with or without protective caps.  Create your design, choose a style and colors for your pens and text, and then submit your design to your supplier.

Order enough personalized pens for your event, your office, and possibly for future events that are planned throughout the year.  You save with quantity discounts, which is why planning ahead is always good.  You can combine your pens with other imprinted items such as notepads or folders.  Using promotional items works well, and carries your imprinted message wherever the person who has the item goes in life, for as long as that item lasts.  It is not unusual for pens to last for years, or to be passed along to others during the course of the pen's lifetime.

There may be a small set up fee for imprinting, and you are probably looking at a minimum order of around 100 pens.  You can order smaller quantities of more expensive pens, and still get imprinting - but for most purposes, the 100-pen order is a good start. 


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