How To Buy Promotional Gifts for Clients

You own your own business or work for a company/corporation and you now have been asked to buy promotional gifts for clients; now what do you do?

Buying promotional gifts for clients are as simple or as complicated as you would like to make it. Below is a basic guide and/or steps to take that instructs you on how to buy promotional gifts for clients.

First, analyze the type of clients you are going to be sending promotional gifts to. You really need to grasp who it is so that you aren't sending something that isn't appreciated nor is it something that they can use in their field. For example, if you are asked to buy promotional gifts for clients that are insurance brokers you wouldn't want to send them a leveler or hammer with your company's name and/or logo on it; that wouldn't be something that they can use. Your goal is to find something that your clients will appreciate and be able to use and remember your company. You also want to make note of how much time you have to accomplish buying these promotional gifts for your clients. Give yourself and/or your company enough time to make the purchase and have it either shipped directly to you and then you will need to reship to your clients or find a place that may just drop ship directly to them.

Now that you have decided what it is that is the best promotional gift to buy for your clients; you need to research pricing and availability. Like anything and everything, the internet is typically your best bet to find companies that produce promotional items in quantity at a reasonable price.

Do your research; make notes of websites and their pricing and keep a file on the pricing and information you have found. You never know when the task of buying promotional gifts for clients will be placed on you again so it is important to make sure you keep and save your research so that you have easy access to the information you are seeking in the future.

Find a company and product you like and call them direct to see if you can negotiate on the pricing for the promotional gifts that you need to buy for your clients. Some companies will negotiate on price when they know they are competing for your business.

Place your order for the promotional gifts for your clients that you analyzed and did your research on. Make sure you keep in touch with the company that you ordered from. It is important to keep your order and name fresh in their mind and yours so that nothing gets delayed and God forbid, forgotten. You have been given the task of buying promotional gifts for clients; you want to make sure you do everything possible in order to get the best products and service possible. Also, ask for a fax or email of your design so that you can see your promotional gift and if needed, send it off for approval internally.

Once you receive your order in its entirety; go through everything and make sure your order is correct before re-shipping the promotional gifts to your clients.


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