How To Buy Refurbished Office Equipment

Refurbished Office Equipment
When your budget is tight, consider refurbished office equipment. This particular method can save money and outfit an office with the most needed equipment more quickly. For example, most offices require some type of copier for duplication purposes. This equipment may be a combination of fax, scanner, printer and copier known as a 4-in-1. Or, it may be any similar combination or a dedicated copier. Take inventory of all office equipment that needs replacement and consider buying refurbished instead of new.

Hints on How To Buy Refurbished Office Equipments
Most individuals consider anything "used" to be risky. With refurbished office equipment this isn't really true. There are used copiers several years old that are refurbished by the manufacturer for resale at reduced costs to buyers. Computers and other office equipment that have been refurbished in this way are sold with a limited warranty contract which usually includes service for repairs if needed, for up to two years. These warranties can be extended for a longer period of time than the contracted period if the equipment has been well maintained by users and given regular service by the manufacturer's agent.

When buying refurbished office equipment, be sure to choose brand names that include these limited warranties. Brand-name refurbished equipment tends to have more reliable technical support available should the need arise. It may be surprising to learn that this equipment can remain serviceable for several years to come. This is particularly true for heavy-duty office equipment like copiers, computers and printers.

Economizing With Refurbished Office Equipment
Refurbished office equipment can stretch a business budget when you consider that buying new can be pricey and the depreciation begins from the moment of first use. Whereas, a refurbished piece of equipment can remain serviceable until the parts are no longer manufactured or are no longer in circulation among repair and replacement vendors. Buy refurbished only if latest technology is not crucial to business needs. As an example, phone systems that have been refurbished have less regular technology upgrades than a networked computer system might. Make note of the age of the equipment and the amount of previous use. This makes a difference in how well the refurbished equipment will perform long-term. In most cases, a complete manufacturer's audit of the refurbishment is made available to a buyer that's included as part of the purchasing contract.

Where To Buy Refurbished Office Equipment
Once a decision has been made to purchase refurbished office equipment, they can be purchased directly from any manufacturer as well as through various manufacturer's representatives. Refurbished office equipment can also be found online. Local office equipment supply houses sell new and refurbished equipment at reasonable prices. Just be sure that a warranty is included in the purchasing agreement.


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