How To Buy Supplies for a Small Catering Business

A small catering business may be a manageable entrepreneurial endeavor, but you would still need to have supplies to make sure that your business runs smoothly. Catering businesses are fairly popular because they make hosting an event relatively hassle free. The food would be taken care of by the company and the host wouldn’t have to worry about a single thing as far as that goes. All the host has to do is to make sure that everyone is entertained and fed.

Here’s how you buy supplies for a small catering business:

Always buy wholesale when you’re buying food. When buying processed and packaged food products, always go to warehouses and big stores so that you could get the lowest possible price. This would be good for food like tomato sauce for pasta dishes, soup packets and other processed foods.

Keep a stocked pantry but don’t overstock it. Remember, produce is better if it is cooked and served while it is still fresh. Do your produce shopping days before the day of the party so that the produce would stay fresh and crisp for the event. You may also establish some sort of deals with local meat shops, vegetable vendors, bakeries and other food producers so that you can get a good price for their products.

Go to a warehouse or factory outlet for a good deal on plates, glasses, cups, cutlery and other table decorations such as candle sticks and napkins. These would be sold at discount prices at these establishments.

Get presentable serving dishes that would be easy to transport from your company kitchen to your party venue. Make sure that the dishes that you have are presentable and would really showcase the good tasting food that is held within.

Have a well stocked kitchen with all the necessary tools to cook and bake good food. This includes having nice pans and pots for your dishes as well as a sturdy enough stove that could take the heavy duty cooking that would have to be done to feed hundreds of people.

Be ready with the necessary disposable items as well such as paper towels, plastic containers for leftovers, clear plastic wrap, aluminum foil and the like to be prepared for any situation.

Some catering services would also embellish the tables and chairs. You may go to your corner florist or fabric store for these accents and designs. Make sure that you have ample time to set up for the party. The venue would have to be freed up hours before the actual event so that you can work your magic with your last minute decorations.

For any food company, the whole goal is to present good food and give the client a good time. You can do this by knowing where to shop for your supplies and knowing which products you need for your business.


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