How To Buy Used Irrigation Equipment

Irrigation systems are the lifeblood of farms located in areas that have limited rainfall every year.  Without it, a farm would simply fail to grow crops.  There are several types of irrigation systems ranging from small to large scale.  Some can only irrigate 2 feet of land while others can water hectares of land by connecting several gigantic sprinkler systems to a powerful pump.  Unlike flood plain irrigation, more technologically advanced irrigation methods are expensive, but they give you full control over the amount of water your land will receive.  This is the reason why farmers really need them, but they can’t easily afford them.  The second best option is to buy used landscape equipment or parts. These are some of the things that you can do to find and buy used irrigation equipment.

  1. Look for junk shops near farmlands. What happens to metals that are thought to be damaged or rusted?  Most of them go to junk shops where they are piled or restored.  This is because farm owners become so concerned of the quality of their farm equipment that they would replace damaged parts immediately even if they can still restore those parts.  You can take advantage of this, purchase parts of an irrigation system, and assemble them on your own.
  2. Approach farmland owners. Farm owners that like to keep their farm irrigation equipment updated to increase production are usually more than eager to get rid of their outdated irrigation tools.  Befriend them and try not to intimidate them. They might see you as a fierce competitor and might think twice before selling you their used equipment.
  3. Attend county fairs. Do you remember those movies with county fair scenes where people sell whatever they can sell?  Those things are true.  Behind all the fun and games is probably one of the biggest trading events in your area.  Most of the items sold at county fairs are related indirectly or directly to agriculture.  Look around and you are likely to find the thing that you are looking for.  You might even find other farmer’s secret weapons, when it comes to landscape irrigation, for sale at a bargain price.
  4. Search the Internet (auctions and blog sites). Online auction sites are very accessible.  They are probably the most reliable source of used irrigation equipment in this list, because you have more choices and a greater chance of actually buying something that is within your budget. eBay, one of the leading online auction sites is sure to give you a lot of choices for various irrigation systems.  Among the available equipment are some of the most modern parts that have been restored close to brand new condition.  You might also find prototypes of irrigation products that have been proven to work by farmers that are fond of inventing better equipment.
  5. Irrigation services. In areas that are mostly agricultural but have a scarce source of water, these types of services are available.  They will provide the equipment, but sometimes they will sell their equipment to you if you just know how to ask them.

It is not difficult to buy used irrigation equipment, because all you need is a lot of common sense and some amount of money.


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