How To Buy Used Wholesale Clothes and Sell Them Retail

Practicality and frugality are good practices to maintain. And these practices also led to the upsurge of processors and sellers of used clothing. Everyone involved in this business make a profit.

Before anything else, you should have a federal tax identification number. This is a requirement for any business. You will use this when you apply for a bank account in your business name. Wholesalers will require you to have one before you can transact with them. You also need a Vendor's License. You can apply for one in your state.

Here are the tips for locating suppliers and buying wholesale clothes.

1.      One website that can really help you find used clothes wholesalers is Apparel Here you will find a long list of wholesalers and processors of used clothing.

2.      There are several companies that process used clothes where you can get them wholesale. These companies sell by the lot and you have to understand the mechanics involved in making transactions with them. If you want a big inventory, then these are the companies that you have to do business with. Some of them are:

  • Continental Textile Company. This is big company based in Wisconsin. It recycles used clothing.
  • Denim Connection. This company sells to business, organizations and individuals around the world. They get their supply from charitable organizations. Their focus is on branded and vintage denim apparel in different grades.
  • Dumont Export Corporation. This company is based in Philadelphia and has been in operation for 57 years. Their processed used clothing is categorized into premium quality clothing, fashion clothing, and vintage clothing. They can ship bales of 100 to 180 pounds.
  • Trans-Americas Trading Company. This is also a large processing company that had been in business since 1942. The company is located in New Jersey.

3.      If you want to maintain a small inventory, then you have to look for wholesalers that specialize in more trendy and up-to-date clothes that are faster selling or just a specific type of clothing. Check out:

  • The Suit Bank. Their specialty is selling used designer menswear.
  • Tiara Trading LLC. This company located in Sarasota, Florida specializes in used tropical weight clothing. They can ship in small and large bales.

4.      You need to be updated in the latest fashion trends so you will be guided in sourcing out suppliers and making your choices. There are several suppliers who get their stock from fashion capitals in Asia like South Korea, China and Japan. The clothes coming from these countries are trendy and up-to-date. There are also companies that specialize only in branded items. One of the sites you can visit is EC21 Global B2B Marketplace.

5.      Explore traditional means of locating sources of used clothing that you can get in bulk such as garage sales. You may get the latest in fashion here but you can get some quality pieces and you can take some a very small inventory for minimal costs.

Use the Internet to search for reliable used clothes wholesalers. You can also check newspapers for classified ads listing. Although most companies and individuals maintain web presence these days, there are also companies that prefer to place traditional printed advertisements. Buy only in quantities that you can easily sell to turn a profit. And be careful in making choices as you do not want to be left with a huge inventory of unmarketable items.


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