How To Buy Weather Control Technology

One of the foremost challenges that mankind faces even amidst this age of high innovation and modern technology has to do with weather control. This is especially essential especially during these times when we experience crazy climate changes and extreme deviations in our weather. However, the area of weather control is still highly experimental, although there are some tools being developed that show potential toward weather modification.

Weather control or weather modification technology, as the name implies, refers to equipment used to create some changes in the weather. They are also associated with such terms as cloud seeding, precipitation management and cloud modification, hurricane modification and storm prevention.

If you're interested in buying equipment for weather control, you might find that there aren't that many options out there yet, apart from large-scale experimental operations undertaken in the government level. However, there are still some useful sites and other pointers you could try out, and here are some of them:

Learn more about the theories and studies related to weather control. The best start for you will be to read informational books that will help you learn more about your options. Some examples include "Weather Control" (available at, "Legal and Scientific Uncertainties of Weather Modification" edited by William Thomas (available at and "Critical Issues in Weather Modification Research" by the National Research Council (available at

Consult with experts in the field of weather modification. There are some private companies that specialize in weather control and modification, and one of these is Weather Modification Inc. that specializes in controlling hail and precipitation. Check out their website at, and check out their page for equipment for sale. Some of the equipment they have up for sale include temperature sensor systems, weather radars, and pressure transducers.

Check out current research on weather control. Apart from the books you could order online, you could also look up posted research online. One of the recommended sites you could browse through include the North American Weather Consultants Inc. website which has a lot of information about such weather control techniques as snow and rain augmentation, fog dissipation, and specialized weather forecasting. Browse through their cloud seeding equipment, such as their silver iodide flares and ground-based cloud seeding generator.

Visit a local university that offers degrees in Meteorology. It's a good idea to check personally with some professionals who would be able to answer your questions about weather control technology. Schedule a short, informal interview with a professor - he's an educator so he'd be more likely to be inclined to answering questions and discussing details. Do remember that he's a very busy man, so expect to give some sort of compensation for his time.

There you have it! These are just some of the pointers to remember if you're interested in buying weather control equipment. As mentioned, remember that weather control and modification is mostly still in the experimental stage, so the key to hunting for such equipment will be having patience and doing research. Good luck!


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